Sleeping With U.S. Presidents

You might say that Justine Lai has desecrated the history of our U.S. presidents. I would say that she has done what no one else has ever done for U.S. history – made it interesting.

Justine Lai is an artist who paints herself having sex with the presidents of the U.S. in a wide variety of positions. It’s so weird (and gross) to think of our presidents in this way. You can check out the full exhibit on Justine Lai’s website (NSFW).

How Marc Horowitz Is Crowdsourcing Advice to Run His Life

Crowdsourcing is the concept of using crowds to outsource work. For example at Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can hire hundreds of workers to do simple tedious tasks on the cheap. Need 100 social media accounts created? $5 and you’re set.

There are lots of things you can do by crowdsourcing and artist Marc Horowitz has come up with a great way to use it. For an entire month, Horowitz will live his life by taking the advice of strangers. Throughout every day in November he will be asking his audience questions and then provides several answers to choose from. Whichever answer has the highest votes is the advice he takes.

Here’s an example:

What should I do with my facial hair?

– mustache
– don’t shave, keep the beard
– go clean shaven man
– goatee
– chin strap

And after each question, he posts a video of the outcome. This is a really fun idea.

Amazing Cakes are Works of Art

Check out these amazing cakes. I got all these images in an email and then went out to the internet look for more. Apparently, all of these cakes come from a company named Zhanna in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I can’t find a website or an actual address anywhere. I’m sure I’d be able to find it if I spoke Russian, but no luck there.

According to everything I’ve read about these cakes, every single part of them can be eaten. There aren’t any plastics or artificial materials placed on these delectable works of art. They look so delicious, I wish I could order one.

[svgallery name=”cake-art”]

Graffiti You Don’t Want Covered Up

Thomas The Tank Grafitti

I think I posted an article about Banksy a while back, but I came across it again and was just amazed at the graffiti featured on the site.

There’s tons of really artistic graffiti here; stuff that actually has meaning both outdoors and indoors. It’s great scrolling through the pictures on the site and thinking about what the artist’s intention was behind the piece.

Update (2/26/15):

I was recently contacted by Nicholas from who let me know about a great resource page that Artsy has put together all about Banksy, which features Banksy’s bio, 70+ of his works, up-to-date exhibitions, current shows, in-depth articles, and related artists. Awesome!

Everyday, you learn something new…


After reading an essay assigned for my English assignment, I came across a name, Jules Feiffer. And thanks to good ol’ Google I learned a little something. Apparently, he is most known for his illustrative work featured in comic strips and children books, but even had his work appear in some Playboy issues. Not only is he a talented artist, but he’s written screenplays and short stories. He started his education at the Art Students League in New York and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. See, you learn something new everyday.

You’re More Artsier Than Me

I just came across this really cool artistic blog called WordTwo and had to share it. The site is in another language, but you can still check it out and understand it. Everything I’ve seen on the site is videos pulled from Vimeo, but it’s some really fun stuff to watch. Here’s an example of the type of videos you can expect to find there.

The Garden from Peter Bunzl on Vimeo.

It’s that time again

Where has the time gone? If you think about all the huge and significant events that has happened within the last four and eight years, it seems that that amount of time just isn’t large enough to fit it all in. And once again, it’s that time; time to vote. Make a positive change.

Let me apologize ahead of time to all the McCain followers, for this entry is not for you… Design for Obama is a site illustrating different Pro Obama posters designed by 30 graphic designers. You’re able to print the design to proudly display in your cubical, office, home, where ever. There’s also a flickr group created for this site that you’re able to visit and submit your own design. Happy printing! And voting!

The most modernist gas stations

When you think of architecture that is modern, contemporary, and beautifully designed, gas stations are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Am I right?

Designed by some of the most renowned architects, these gas stations are sure a sight to see. Being something that needs to serve a purpose and only take up such a small amount of space, it gives you all the more reason to appreciate.

Intuitive Painting

Painting was always something I wanted to learn to do well. In school, I was always able to do pretty well in my art studio classes where creative juices were flowing non-stop. But anytime I sat down at home, my head was blocked from anything creative and my hand just couldn’t move the way I wanted it to. This very reason is why I decided to enroll myself in a painting workshop called Intuitive Painting.

Intuitive Painting was a class that taught you how to paint without listening to your subconscious thoughts of judgments and egos. You learn to quiet that disapproving voice. In order to accomplish that, you start painting with your left hand. And for those of you that are lefties or ambidextrous- you had no obstacle there, but for the ones with dominate rights, it’s definitely something that takes a couple of hours to get used to.

[svgallery name=”michelle-painting”]

The start of the class began with choosing a brush with your left hand then choosing different paint colors with your left hand. With the paintbrush awkwardly positioned with your less practiced hand; you embark on slathering a piece of watercolor paper with the elementary tempra paint your left hand so intuitively selected.

After the paint slathering of sheet one, you add another sheet of paper connecting to the first, making sure of only one thing; that your painting connects. Add a few more sheets of paper filled with color galore.

Hmm, what’s this I’ve created? Letting your subconscious mind control your hand can make some pretty interesting and wonderful artwork.

Once you’ve freed yourself from your inner critic, you can then create details using your right hand (or keeping with your left if you’re left handed). Keep in mind however, if you find yourself analyzing your art, switch back to your left hand and continue the way you started.

You can do this with any sort of medium; tempra paint, acrylics, pastels, oils, etc. My workshop lasted only one day- usually to get the full effect, I was told that you should split the class in two; one using your left hand to slather color, then the next day, adding details with your right hand.

Not only can you do this with painting, but writing and dancing. Practice this at home and you’re sure to overcome any creative block.