The Dumb Questions of Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great place to go if you don’t know the answer to something. You can submit a question and you’ll get answers from lot’s of different people. You can also answer questions if you’d like too.

And often, you’ll see some of the most ridiculous questions and answers ever. This usually occurs when a young kid is posting, but it’s still quite funny when you come across one of these golden nuggets.

If you want to read nothing but these “golden nuggets,” check out Yahoo Answer Fail. All laughs! Well, mostly laughs.

Aardvark Question and Answer Website

Aardvark Q & A

Aardvark is one of the coolest new services on the internet. I’ve been using it for a few months now and love it.

If you’ve ever used Yahoo Answers or any other sort of Q & A service, you’ll understand Aardvark. What makes Aardvark unique though is that asking and answering questions is almost instantaneous. You can send a question through their network, either directly through their site or you can use instant messenger, which is the method I prefer since I’m online all day.

If you have a question, any type of question, from Celebrity gossip to programming, just post it in and they’ll go through their network of users to find people who have mentioned in their profiles that they have some knowledge of the topic. Those people will see your question and if they know how to answer, they can reply back to Aardvark and the system will forward you their response.

This works both ways, so you’ll see questions coming through to you too, but if you don’t know how to answer you can just type “Pass” and that’s it. If you’re busy, you can also type “Busy” and the system will leave you alone. Every question I’ve asked so far has been great, so I definitely recommend signing up.