Christians Say the Funniest Things About Athiesm

If Atheists Ruled the World was created by pulling quotes from various Christian web forums in discussions about Atheism. it’s amazing the kinds of things people say. Not even just Christians, but people in general. I think religion often brings out the worst ignorance though, but that’s my own opinion. Take this quote for example.

I know if I didn’t have God’s judgement to fear, I would have killed many, many times.

Ha ha! Watch the video for more fun quotes 😀

Throwing Water Around and Recording It

Just a quick video today titled “Water Sculpture” from Shinichi Maruyama and composited by Tetsushi Wakasugi. These are the things that make me wish I had a camera nice enough to capture hi-speed like this. I would do cool things too, like shoot paintballs at the wall, hit friends in the face with water balloons…you know, Jackass style stuff. I guess my video captures wouldn’t really be art, but entertaining – for me and my immature friends at least 😉

Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.

Use Google Advertising To Land a Job

If you’re having problems landing a job, why not try something creative like bidding on the names of the company heads of the businesses you’re applying to. Lot’s of people like to Google their own names and if you put up a creative ad telling them to hire you, you’re very likely to get their attention and an interview.

Check out the video below where Alec Brownstein placed ads for the names of creative directors at several NYC companies. He was actually offered a job from two of the companies he targeted and it cost him only $6.

Daft Punk vs. The Charleston

What happens when you take an oldschool video of people dancing the Charleston and dub Daft Punk’s “Around the World” on top of it? Pure awesomeness, that’s what.

Cleaning Your Dirty Balls Is Easy

This is a helpful one if you’re having trouble keeping your balls clean, and these days who doesn’t? From small balls to old balls and ballsacks, Axe can freshen them up like new making them enjoyable to play with again.

Distribute Your Content on the AOL Network

AOL has just created a new service called seed that allows you to distribute content you create throughout their network. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or a filmmaker there’s a place for your creations.

AOL might not be a Google or Bing, but it’s still a very large network, so this could be a big deal. They own sites such as Moviefone, and many more, so you can bet that your stuff will find an audience and will be seen.

Not only does AOL seed allow you to get your content out in front of an audience they also pay you for your work. Seed will post assignments out to the community with a price that varies based on assignment and if you think you can fulfill that need, they will find a place for it.

They’ll pay you for this, but with one caveat; they wil acquire a license to your work. They will either obtain an “exclusive license” which will pay you the amount originally listed on the assignment or a “limited exclusive license” which will pay you a share of calculated earnings based on the profit it generates.

Either way, it sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve already signed up and I have experience in all three fields. I’m not a professional in any of them, but I can’t wait to start creating some fun new stuff in all of them.