A Completely New Twist To a Playable Super Mario Bros. Remix

This is the coolest Super Mario remake I’ve ever seen. You can play the first Super Mario Bros. with the original Mario, Link from Zelda, Simon from Castlevania, Samus from Metroid, Mega Man or Bill Rizer from Contra. What’s makes this super-freakin-cool though is that each character plays just like they do in their own games. You can now kill Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants with some of the most awesome classic video game characters ever. Check out Super Mario Crossover at the link. Check out a video I took of myself playing the game below.

Canabalt Is An Addictive One Button Game

Canabalt Screenshot

Playing a game with only one button doesn’t sound like it would be much fun, but Canabalt was able to pull it off.

Canabalt is played in wide-screen and uses a slick grayscale color scheme that looks awesome. The music is great too and adds the perfect soundtrack to the drama surrounding you.

I don’t know if there’s a story line to the game, but it basically looks like the city around you is falling apart and you’re jumping (your only button) from rooftop to rooftop trying to escape.

The furthest I’ve gotten so far is 2008m before hitting a wall and tumbling to my death. Try it and see how far you get!

Real Life Mario Kart – Probably Very Illegal

There have been tons of real-life re-enactments of popular video games in the past, but none that have made me laugh as hard as this one. Well, I can’t say that because Mega 64 is usually pretty good.

Anyway, in the video below, some guy dresses up as Super Mario and plays real life Super Mario Kart in traffic. He throws bananas and everything! You gotta see this, it’s hilarious.

I’ve also included another video that was done a while back that’s a bit similar. It’s a recreation of the game as well, but not taking place in actual traffic. Still good though.

The video below is more like a game show, but looks like it was a ton of fun to make.

Too real for comfort

Video and computer gaming has long been top choice hobby for young and old alike. And with technology stitching real life and virtual reality closer together, it’s sure to stay at the top for pastimes.

A game that seems to make artificial simulation disappear at the seam is Mirror’s Edge. The game does a great job at making you feel like you are, in fact, Faith, the video game’s persona; living, breathing, running, jumping, and climbing as Faith. It has a first-person perspective, however unlike most games, the camera bobs with her when she’s in action, even showing her arms and legs as she runs.

This game feels so real, it can make you queasy, and even make you vomit- ugh… I watched the demo last night and I, too, started to feel a little dizzy. Though I was lucky enough to not have to watch my dinner in reverse.

Interested in why the game does this to you? Read the whole article here.

The Best Video Game Review Ever

Whether you like video games or not, you’ll definitely want to check out Zero Punctuation every week, because these are some of the funniest videos you’ll ever see. Yahtzee Croshaw is British born and lives in Australia so there seems to be a mixture of both accents when he speaks. This makes it a little difficult to understand at first, especially because he talks so damn fast, but watch a couple of his videos and it’ll become no trouble at all.

I’ve actually been watching his reviews for quite a while now but never thought to post any on Aimless Direction, but it just popped into my head this morning for some reason, so lucky you. Check out his latest review of Spore and remember to look for his reviews every Wednesday.

Cocktail Party Given Mario Makeover

Scrollbar Mario Bar

IT University of Copenhagen definitely has some nerdy, but dedicated, games in their midst. At the student bar, they decorated everything with a Mario theme and they even concocted their very own recipes for the party. If you check out their site, you can find out how to make these recipes as well how to make your own question mark block. Oooh. I want a question mark block.