Be Careful of What You Share on Twitter

If you’re the kind of person who sometimes shares a little too much personal info on Twitter, or if you’ve said something completely stupid or innapropriate you’re likely to get a nice top spot on

Twaxed Funny Tweet

Twaxed is a fun new site that gathers up hilarious posts from Twitter and displays them for the world to see in one place. It’s really a complete list of how embarrassing people are.

Twaxed Funny Tweet

You can also head over to the site and submit tweets that you feel have the twaxed quality and also vote up or down the tweets that others have submitted.

Tweetlejuice Will Kill, Torture and Maim Your Followers

CollegeHumor has made another great video, parodying the classic movie, and one of my personal childhood favorites, Beetlejuice.

Watch as Tweetlejuice introduces himself to the Deetz family and explains what he does for an “after-living”. And his qualifications are amazing, graduating with a degree in computer science from MIT and even having worked for Google as a senior developer for 4 years!

So if you have someone on your friends list that you need to take care of, just call Tweetlejuice’s name three times in your Twitter stream.

#Tweetlejuice #Tweetlejuice #Tweetlejuice

Turn Twitter Into A Neverending Jukebox

Update: The site no longer exists :(, but check out the comments for a neat alternative!

If you’ve ever used the awesome music service of Grooveshark, it’s no doubt you love it right? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that someone has decided to mix Grooveshark with Twitter, thus creating (site no longer exists). will update with the most recent Twitter messages that make mention of music and will provide a link to the song going to Grooveshark.

Just imagine all the new and different types of music you can find with this.

Music has always been a huge part of my life and I know I’m gonna love this tool and watching what people think and say about the tunes they listen to.

Wasting Time On Twitter


I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned Twitter before and how cool it is and today I have to tell you again. GET ON TWITTER. Twitter is just one of the coolest sites out there and one of the funnest ways to know about what’s happening. You can subscribe to the Twitter feeds of like-minded people or you can just subscribe to popular news feeds.

If you’re looking for news, you can check out CNN, The New York Times, the BBC or get a mix of everything hot on the internet and subscribe to Digg.

If you’d like to see some recommendations of who other people on Twitter are following, check out this post over at 37signals and if you want to see a list of the most popular Twitterers, check out

There’s also lots of different Twitter tools based around the service as well, such as this new one that just came out today, TweetWasters, which tells you how much time you’ve actually wasted on Twitter. By the way, I’d also recommend Twhirl if you don’t want to open up your internet browser to check Twitter all the time.

Hopefully these tools will help you get started on becoming a Twitterholic! Sign up, set up your profile (add a picture for sure) and follow Michelle and myself if you’d like 🙂

The glorious world of Plurk

Plurk interface

What ever happened to Twitter? Plurk replaced it, that’s what!

Yes, Plurk is Twitter, just with a fancier interface (and a few more bells and whistles), but with my experience, it seems plurkers are a lot more sociable- willing to share every current life event from grabbing their cup of joe in the morning to car shopping. Unlike Twitter, Plurk allows you reply to “plurks” within a dropdown menu and start a conversation. There’s also a visual timeline- which by the way, I think the new plurks should be on the right, the old plurks on the left…

If you’re interested in joining the glorious world of Plurk, enter here. We’re plurkers as well- add me and Alex.