Rant of the Week: I Hate People and Their Dirty Tricks

Craigslist Flag Picture

I work in the very competitive industry of internet marketing so I’ve seen my fair share of dirty tricks. Some people don’t care about the way they do business as long as they’re #1. This isn’t the way I work though. I work hard to get my clients lots of business and I do it legitimately.

This is why this new software I just heard about pisses me off. What it does is trick Craigslist into thinking that other peoples posts are spam and will delete them. It will click on those “flag as spam” links several times on the competitors posting and will make it look like it has come from unique IP addresses.

I think that if you’re business has to resort to these kinds of tricks, then your business probably sucks and you need to work on that first. Then you’ll start bringing in customers without having to buy controversial software. People work hard for their money, and you should too. If you don’t work hard, don’t expect to stay in business too much longer either.

Tons of Useful and Free Software

Open Source Living Logo

If you’re anything like me, you’re cheap and like to get things for free. I am a huge computer geek so I am always looking for free software that can help make my life easier, and now there’s a directory that lists all kinds of software that is open source and is free to everyone.

Open Source Living was just recently created and has exploded in popularity in the recent weeks. Directories don’t usually do very well, but this directory does so many things right. The design looks nice, it doesn’t look like a typical web directory, it contains only high quality and reputable software, and everything listed on the site is free. It’s just a very valuable resource all around.

Open Source Living contains pretty much everything you can think of that you would need on your computer. There are sections for web tools, graphics and photo, audio, web development, entertainment, content management, and more. Can’t afford Photoshop? Check out Gimp. Don’t wanna drop thousands of dollars down for Final Cut Pro? Take a look at Jahshaka. There is a tool here for anything you might need and they are adding more every day.