Social Community for Oil and Gas Workers

Social Network for Gas and Oil Workers

Drilling Ahead is a social networking site created specifically with Oil and Gas workers in mind. Professionals in this industry can learn about everything related to gas & oil and even talk to each other and communicate amongst themselves.

They have a jobs section too, where workers can search for new work opportunities, so that seems handy. And if you need to stock up on supplies such as work gloves and safety glasses, they have a store section too.

I think it’s great that everybody gets a social networking site these days, but I really wonder if Drilling Ahead has made a wise business choice. Is there really a want/need for this service? I really have no idea, but I guess these guys would know better than me.

Go Clubbing From Your Bedroom


Are you the clubbing party-going type? I use to be, but not really so much anymore, but there has been plenty of times where I wish I could’ve gone out but there was just nobody around to go with. I think this is what Be At TV was created for.

Be At TV provided full video coverage of some of the hottest and biggest clubbing events happening around the world. This social networking site covers events, DJs and clubs all over the globe and gives you as close an experience as you can get without being there in person.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to party in person, but if you live in Denver and don’t have the money to fly to London, at least you won’t miss out on the entire event. Be At TV displays footage from four camera angles which show everything you could be interested in; the dance floor, the DJ booth and individual clubbers.

Now go…into your room…and party..

Social Network For Aspiring Models

Another new social network has sprouted up from the world of Web 2.0 and this time it’s targeted directly at models and those who wish to become models. allows models to post pictures and resumes, which is great for talent scouts to find new models to work with and users can also browse local casting calls. Finding modeling work should be easy with these kinds of tools. I’m not a model, ( although I should be 😉 ) so I don’t really know how well this service works, but it sounds like a good idea.

If you have the desire to be a model, it couldn’t hurt to get your profile up on Model Xpress right now. Being a model is all about getting your face and name out there, isn’t it? This sounds like as good of place as any.

New Social Network For Latino Babies Only

New social networks pop up just about everyday. There’s usually nothing different about ’em or anything that really makes them memorable, but is both different and memorable. This new social network is only for Latino babies and the Latino parents of those babies.

The site will contain educational material on pregnancy and baby health as well as the traditional profile pages that you see on most other social networking sites. You’ll be able to join groups, make posts and most importantly for new parents, post pictures.

Out With Myspace, In With the Hoff

If you just can get enough of The Hoff, there’s a new online community built just for you. If you head on over to, you get the extreme opportunity of a lifetime to create a profile, blog, upload photos, and try your hand in various contests all while constantly staring into Hasselhoffs’ face. How can you even think of passing something like this up.

Google Gets in the Myspace Game

Google Friend Connect

There are new social networks popping up all over the place and aside from Myspace, Facebook and Linked In, there isn’t really any competition. That could change though. Google has decided to try their hand at the friend finding fad and has announced Google Friend Connect which should be live right now. The only difference here though, is that they are giving everyone else the ability to add social network features to their own website.

So this means that everyone gets to try to compete with the Myspace/Facebook crowd. If you sign up with Google Friend Connect, you will be given a snippet of code which you can add to your website that will give you built-in social features of your choice and you don’t even have to know any programming. How cool is that?!! Do you think you can make an impact on the impressionable internet crowd? If you have a website, you might as well try.