The Most Dramatic Super Mario Short Film Ever

I’ve come across another Super Mario Bros. fan made short film and as always, it’s good. This is one is really damn good. And dark. If you’ve got about 8 minutes to spare and want to watch perhaps the saddest, most dramatic Super Mario story of all time, check it out below.

Mortal Kombat Getting a Film Franchise Reboot?

I actually thought the Mortal Kombat movies were good, not great, but entertaining enough. I admit that the acting was a little bad and I definitely thought they could have been a little more violent. This is what Mortal Kombat: Rebirth aims to fix.

It was being reported around the internet yesterday that the film below is a short film which was being used to test the potential for a much grittier and violent Rated-R version of the franchise. Turns out that It was actually “made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film,” according to a comment made on Jeri Ryan’s Twitter account.

Rebirth features Michael Jai White as Jax, Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade, Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage, Lateef Crowder as Baraka and Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion. The director is Kevin Tancharoen and the fight choreographer was Larnell Stovall.

I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with this pitch from Tancharoen. This is exactly what the franchise needs to be successful. I don’t care much for the explanation of Baraka or Reptile, considering they are supposed to be from other planets but it seems like they are trying to go for as much realism as possible here.

I hope Warner Bros. picks this interpretation up and turns it into a full-length film, because this short is awesome!

An Amazing Short Film From Mark Osborne

This film isn’t new, but it was just brought to my attention again today after several years. Mark Osborne released the short film “More” in 1998 which was nominated for an Academy Award the same year.

In 6 minutes, “More” tells a very powerful story. The synopsis from the official website goes like this:

The Academy-Award nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. By day, he is trapped in a dehumanizing job in a joyless world. But by night, he tinkers away on a visionary invention, desperate to translate his inspiration into something meaningful. When his invention is complete, it will change the way people see the world. But he will find that success comes at a high price, as it changes himself, as well.

Kinda reminds me of a Tool video 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!

One thing’s for sure, you know that today is Valentine’s Day. So, one, you’re either excited to shower your lover with kisses and gifts or two, you’re wincing at the idea and are planning to boycott this very holiday. If you fit into Category 2, you may not want to watch the above video.

EVOL is a short film featuring a somber man and a scholarly looking woman, performing their day to day actions backwards. Then the film was played in reverse, unraveling a love story between the two.

Caution: this film is extremely cheesy. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I think the feature fits well into the luvy-duvy atmosphere.