Real Love Potion #9


Love is all grand and dandy, considering you define it in an emotional way, but another way to look at love without being all lovey-dovey about it is chemically.

Science has brought us a very long way in the field of medicine, now even to the point of boiling the emotional state of love down to its chemical form- oxytocin. A study has shown that oxytocin is a brain chemical that’s released forming a bond with mother and child and males and females. Scientists infused the brain of a prairie vole with oxytocin and found she bonded quite well with a random male praire vole. It is hoped that this drug can help with failing marriages (along with marriage therapy). But should we have the ability to manipulate love with a pill? Even if our freewill, heart and mind says otherwise? Well, I guess that’s dependent on who you ask; a romantic or a realist.

Surely, in the wrong hands this drug can cause a lot of problems- but that’s with any drug… If you’re looking for love and you don’t mind that other person taking a pill every now and then to help fill that void, thank your lucky stars that there may be light on the other end of the tunnel. Read the full article here.

The Science of Weight Loss


If you belong to a gym, I’m sure you’ve noticed the jam-packed locker rooms around the 1st of every year. These people made it a resolution to lose weight and get fit.

Many people start off seriously, but some give up after realizing it won’t be as easy as they initially thought. I found some very helpful articles to aid in your fight against losing some of that junk in tha trunk.

Good luck! And remember, it’ll all be worth it in the end!