A Huge List of Office Pranks

Happy April Fools Day!!!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ve likely been the target of an office prank. Or you’ve at least witnessed one. I sure have witnessed plenty.

One of my coworkers had his entire office; floor, ceiling and everything in it, covered in post-it notes when we had a “Secret Spook” for Halloween and it sure was a mess.

He left it up all the up til Halloween so there were post-its all over the building from people going in and out of his office.

It was great.

So I was reading about a prank on the internet the other day and I thought it would make a fun post to come up with all the different types of office pranks I could think of.

Here’s the list.

AutoCorrect: In the Auto Correct tool in Microsoft Word, change a common word or just a word you know you’re coworker will type to something stupid, such as “I’m an alcoholic.”

Another variation of this is to change the auto correct function in Microsoft Word to switch around the M and N letters and then switch the same keys on the keyboard.

Power Point: If you know someone who’s doing a Power Point presentation see if you can find a funny image from Google Images or something. The more disgusting the better. Now add the image to the presentation and position it off screen. Set it to fly in as an animation when the “Next” button is clicked.

Desktop Wallpaper: Take a screenshot of someones desktop and then set it as the wallpaper. Hide the taskbar and all the icons and watch as your target thinks the computer is locked up.

Another variation to the desktop prank is to search Google Images for a broken monitor wallpaper. Hide the icons and taskbar and set this as the desktop wallpaper and your coworker is sure to freak.

Another popular one is the B.S.O.D. or the Windows blue screen of death.

Switch Mice: If there are two computers next to each other, switch the placement of the mice or keyboards. Don’t unplug them of course or this won’t work. Now watch as each person is controlling the others computer.

Move Keyboard Keys: This one only works on someone who pecks at their keyboard and can’t type without looking. Move the keys around and confuse the hell out them. Maybe even spell something dirty on the keyboard.

Packing Peanuts: Go get a ton of packing peanuts and fill up your coworkers office or cube all the way to the top. Or you can fake it and make a packing peanut wall like they did over at Hack n Mod.

Change Keyboard Settings: Change the keyboard layout in the control panel to something different. They aren’t likely to figure this one out soon.

Change Homepage: If you go to the setting section of their favorite internet browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can change their homepage to whatever you want. Make it something embarrasing like Crossdressers Anonymous.

ScreenSaver: Turn on your coworkers screensaver, the one that lets you input a message, and type in something funny. Maybe, “I’m a closet Britney Spears fan” or “I like men” (if its guy). Then password protect it so that they can’t turn it off.

Aluminum Foil: A classic but always a great one. Cover everything in your coworkers entire office in aluminum foil. This might take a while, but with a couple of friends can be accomplished in no time.

Got any more ideas for some great pranks? Post ’em in the comments!

Happy April Fools Day!

Burger King Whopper

Today is April Fools Day and I’m sure you’re gonna come across some kind of news story today that you’ll believe whole-heartedly and realize later that the story was completely false. We’ve all done it and it’ll make you feel like a dumbass. If you want to read a whole bunch of stories about April Fools Day pranks that people of the past have fallen for, check out this post on the Museum of Hoaxes.

#8, the left-handed Whopper cracks me up. Thousands of people actually went into Burger King and asked for the new version of the Whopper created specifically for the left-handed. What’s even worse, is that many other people requested the “right-handed” version. How sad.

A grand prank


Think back to your middle- and high school days when April Fool’s day rolled around; no teacher, no student, no faculty staff member was safe. Grand Central Station is no different. While April Fool’s day wasn’t the root of this prank, many participants gave quite a show to the station’s travelers. Resembling a Hollywood set, many people froze in their steps while onlookers wondered what the heck was going on. These pranksters stopped in positions of reading newspapers, drinking coffee, tying shoes… All the while people gawked with intense confusion.

Why can’t something interesting like this happen in Denver? Watch the video here.