The Pi Infographic That Explains It All

Someone sent this one in to me and after viewing it, I thought it was fun and nerdy enough to post on the site. This infographic is a visual representation of Pi which as you know is approximately equal to 3.14159265. You do know that, right? No?!?

This infographic should explain everything to you, but most likely not (this is super nerdy), so I also recommend that you watch this weird video about Pi too.

Click the image for the full-size version.

Online Schooling - Visualizing PiSource: Online Schooling

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I Am Photo

Avoision is a site that has lots to offer your inner geek. I don’t know if it’s one guy running the site or a group, but there are a ton of really interesting projects that they’ve done. There are things such as Flickr-Generated poems, random text generation, and a music program that plays notes based off of the numbers in Pi. Don’t worry, this site isn’t as nerdy as it sounds, and there really is a lot of fun stuff to look at.

Weird Video About Pi

You may remember awhile back when I posted about this Pi YTMND, or you may have just seen it on your own, but it turns out the song used on that page actually comes from a band named Hard n’ Phirm. This video is great. You should watch it right away.