Cooking Butter Cookies in Photoshop

Vimeo user Lait Noir, Maya Rota Klein and Diego Lorenzo Zanitti put together an awesome stop-motion video on how to make butter cookies in Photoshop. This is really cool. They recreated Photoshop menus and drop-downs and the toolbox using cardboard but instead of the normal labels, they were ingredients and kitchen utensils.

The video came out great and the cookies look delicious!

By the way, if you own a Mac there’s a neat stop-frame animation tool you can use called Animationizer to make something similar to this. I don’t use a PC so if anyone has an suggestions for Windows users, please leave a comment below.

Images That Look Photoshopped But Aren’t


With photo manipulation software like Photoshop being used so often these days, it’s almost a “given” that an image has been altered. I rarely even wonder anymore and just assume that it is.

This is why I really like this post, Faux Photoshop: 15 Incredible Images That Look Altered but Aren’t. Phew, what a title 🙂 I guess it describes exactly what the article is about though.

Do you know of any other great photographers that don’t alter their work or that have a gallery with unaltered photography? I’d really like to see it.

More Design Blogs Than You’ll Ever Need

ProofHQ has put together the biggest ever list of design blogs that their team follows. After a day of putting together their resources, they ended up with more than 160 blogs that have anything and everything to do with design, freelancing and programs such as Photoshop.

This list is massive, so if you’re interested at all in design, you should be occupied for weeks. I’ll be going through the list and checking out their RSS feeds so I can add my favorite blogs to Google Reader.

Don’t forget


Everyday, men, women, and even children are reminded of their imperfections. Flipping through magazines, we gaze at all the pretty people- completely flawless. Even though we know they’re heavily airbrushed, we still want and dream to look like that. Well, here’s a little reminder of just how they get so perfect…

Impossible is nothing- when it comes to Photoshop.

With the birth of Photoshop, we’re able to create our own reality- nothing is off limits or impossible. Take, for say, the art of Li Wei. He’s created a world filled with jaw-dropping actions.

Just remember not to try this at home, or at the office, or on top of skyscrapers… Happy viewing!

Designers, Here Is Your Goldmine

Skout Wallpaper

If you are a designer in any shape or form, there’s one site out there that you need to keep in your arsenal. Skout’s tagline is “resources + for designers + by designers” and they aren’t kidding either. Skout has links to tons of websites that can help any person who works or has a hobby in a creative field.

Here’s a list of the categories they offer sources in:

  • Fonts (free and commercial)
  • Color tools
  • Icons
  • Stock Photography
  • Stock Illustrations
  • Photograpers
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Print Tutorials
  • Web Tutorials
  • Text Generators
  • Web Tools
  • Frameworks / Web
  • Libraries / Web
  • Sounds
  • Typography
  • Photoshop Brushes
  • Magazines
  • Downloads / Misc.
  • Wallpapers
  • Inspiration

How’s that list for ya? You’re probably saying “holy crap” by now, just like I did, and you’re getting ready to add the site to your bookmarks. Even if you don’t do design work, there are so many great resources here, you might just want to consider it because anything you need is being handed right to you. Have fun!

You Suck at Photoshop

This is a great tutorial. This guy created a video that is supposed to teach you some tricks with Photoshop but you get to hear about his failing marriage along the way. Really funny. I hope this guy makes more of these tutorials.