How to Report the News Better than Fox

If you hope to be a newscaster when you grow up, you NEED to watch this video of Charlie Brooker showing exactly how to report the news.

Learn how to walk up to the camera and pause, show video of overweight people and how to keep the audience awake with line graphs and “average-family” statistics.

This video is funny because if you weren’t paying attention to it, you’d think it was an actual report….AND it’s still better than FOX news 😉

Parody – Twilight New Moon LEAKED TRAILER!!

It looks like vampires and werewolves aren’t the only thing to worry about in the upcoming Twilight flick.

It seems that the main character (I don’t know her name) has gotten herself pregnant and her boyfriend is making her get an abortion from the Rastabortionist. Uh ohhhhhh!

Hilarity ensues…

Nationalized Citibank Parody

You can always find some great stuff over at Funny or Die, and they just created another hilarious video.

This time, they’re making fun of Citibank, if it were to be nationalized. There are tons of F-bombs in here though, so keep the volume down if you watch it at work.

My favorite quote “This is a fuckin’ ATM deposit form” as he’s holding a long sheet of papers and smiling like it’s the greatest day ever.