Rick Astley vs. NIN

Do you remember the Rick Astley vs. Nirvana video that was posted all over the internet a few weeks ago? Well here’s another mashup, this time featuring the music of Nine Inch Nails, “The Hand That Feeds.”

I don’t think this is as good as the Nirvana one, but I still think it’s pretty good. Someone should just invent a Rick Astley service where you can upload any song you want and Rick Astley lyrics will play over it.

More NIN Video Than Your Computer Can Store

Trent Reznor

If you are big NIN fan you’ll be pleased to know that more than 400 gigs of raw unedited HD footage from three separate shows from the Lights in the Sky tour have been released onto the Internet.

There is a ton of content here and the footage is great. The quality of this footage is just amazing. All of it has been uploaded to bittorrent and is available free for download so you can grab it from there or the Nine Inch Nails forums.

The three shows took place in Victoria, Portland, and Sacramento in December of 2008

If you have a large hard drive, you should definitely pick this stuff up and start watching it.

Latest NIN Album Coming to Stores Soon

NIN The Slip

If you haven’t already downloaded and listened to the new, Nine Inch Nails album The Slip, you should do that right away. They’re giving it away digitally for free, so you might as well. And if you’re like me and you just have to physically own the CD case and inserts, the album has just been announced to be coming to stores on July 22.

The album will be released as a 2-disc set and will be limited to 200,000 copies which will be individually numbered and will also come with a bonus DVD performing the material during rehearsals. On top of that, there will be a 24 page booklet and stickers. If you want The Slip on vinyl, you’ll be able to pick it up on Aug. 4th internationally and Aug. 5th in the U.S. and Canada. There’s no need to rush over to the site and download the free version (though you should), because Trent Reznor promised that The Slip will stay free as a download for an indefinite amount of time.

From Thin Air: New NIN Album

NIN Ghost

Out of nowheresville, Nine Inch Nails has released a whole new album, and you can get a portion of it for free. 9 tracks to be exact. The full album contains 36 instrumental tracks. You can order the 2 cd set which comes with a sleeve for $10 and you’ll also be able to download all of the tracks right after your purchase so you can enjoy the music while your cd’s are coming in the mail. There are also other order variations you can choose from. The $300 option sounds awesome, but it’s just too much for me. I would love Trent Reznors autograph though.

You might also want to check out this free PDF they are offering on the site which contains 40 pages of Photography which accompanies the album, by Phillip Graybill and Rob Sheridan.