The Pi Infographic That Explains It All

Someone sent this one in to me and after viewing it, I thought it was fun and nerdy enough to post on the site. This infographic is a visual representation of Pi which as you know is approximately equal to 3.14159265. You do know that, right? No?!?

This infographic should explain everything to you, but most likely not (this is super nerdy), so I also recommend that you watch this weird video about Pi too.

Click the image for the full-size version.

Online Schooling - Visualizing PiSource: Online Schooling

Sleeping on Nerdiness

RSS Icon Pillow

Most nerds aren’t afraid to show their dorkiness to the world. From Halo t-shirts and Magic the Gathering tourneys to the Mac stickers on their car windows, nerds will often make it easy to pick them out of a crowd.

If you’re home is anything as nerdy as mine, there’s all sorts of cheesy stuff that your girlfriend/boyfriend is probably embarrassed about. But in my house, there’s one thing missing; RSS Icons, Mario hats and Adobe icon pillows. Check out walyou where you can see all sorts of fun stuff.

These things are awesome!

You can click through the story link to read more about each pillow and where you can find them. I can’t wait to get that RSS icon. 😉

Eyewear from Pantone?

I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to be this nerdy… Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I am!

Giant color company Pantone has decided to market some great eyewear for us design geeks. Able to keep our signature black rectangle frames, Pantone allows us to vary the colors of the arms to our heart’s content. Although we’re not able to purchase just yet (at least from the site), it sure gives me something to look forward to. Head on over to their spanking new site for more details.

Lots of Art; Mainly Nerd Art

I Am Photo

Avoision is a site that has lots to offer your inner geek. I don’t know if it’s one guy running the site or a group, but there are a ton of really interesting projects that they’ve done. There are things such as Flickr-Generated poems, random text generation, and a music program that plays notes based off of the numbers in Pi. Don’t worry, this site isn’t as nerdy as it sounds, and there really is a lot of fun stuff to look at.