Beatbox Fun With Incredibox

Incredibox is a neat little music creator that lets you put together various beat-box sounds to create a song. There aren’t a whole lot of options available, but there quite a few combinations you make based on what’s available so far. Despite the simplicity, it’s really fun and the makers are currently working on version 2 so keep an eye out for that.

Bringing the World Together With Music

Playing for Change is the brainchild of Mark Johnson who had the idea of bringing people together as a human race using music as the connection. He traveled the world getting musicians who have never met and never will meet, of all cultures and lifestyles to perform together. He visited places such as the local streets of Santa Monica, african villages, native american reservations and even the Himalayas.

Music has always been a passion of mine and I love what this project stands for. There’s no better way to connect all of us then by pushing aside beliefs and cultural backgrounds and turning up the volume on the speakers.

If you want to see Playing for Change in action check out this video featuring artists from around the world singing “War, No More Trouble” originally performed by Bob Marley.

Help them out and spread the word!

The Sixty One Is a Music Site You Need to Check Out

There are plenty of music sites out there and a lot of them are great, but The Sixty One has taken it to a new level. What’s interesting about it is that the whole experience is very visual and interactive making it much more entertaining than most other music-based websites. I actually wrote about The Sixty One back in 2008, but I really didn’t do it justice. The site was great even two years ago but it’s changed quite a bit since then.

One of the first things tried out was the “Moods” option. This is a great way to find the perfect theme of music to fit the way you’re feeling. I was listening to music all night and I’d have to say that my favorite moods are Trippy and Crazy.

Another cool function of the site are the “Quests.” For example one quest requires that you listen to songs from four different moods for at least five minutes on each mood. Or you can take on the quest of listening to your favorite song three or more times in a row. Anyone who owns an Xbox Live can tell you how addicting it is to complete achievements such as this. 🙂

There are a lot of cool things about The Sixty One and of the coolest is that this is a place for new artists to come and share their music and directly sell songs and merchandise to fans, without the aid of a greedy record label. Each artist will make at least $7 per album and are paid every 30 days. Did you know a lot of record labels only pay their artists only $1-2 per album?

The listeners of the site get to decide what’s good here and if you stick around long enough you’ll see that the community is a great group of people. No trolls yet, as far as I’ve found anyway.

And if you’re an artist, upload your music and get paid!

Check out some of favorites so far:

19H11 by Danger
Okiirobo Navigation System by Henry Homesweet
Starlighter (Culture Prophet remix) by Jupiter
Whoa (ULTRNX remix) by GRUM
Electro411 by Shinichi Osawa

Nothingface Still Making Music Quietly


Heavy metal music gives lots of people a headache, but not me. I understand that it’s a little wild and crazy sometimes, but you have to listen for the beauty in it, both vocals and instruments. I prefer my metal to have some actual singing in it though and not just an entire song of yelling. Some good examples of great vocalists/screamers would be bands like Papa Roach, Killswitch Engage, Snot and the Deftones.

I see something good in just about any type of music, from Hip Hop and Blues, to Classical and even Country. I actually don’t like country all that much, but some of the female singers have beautiful voices.

Back to the point. If you are a fan of metal music, you probably remember an awesome band by the name of Nothingface. I haven’t heard anything from these guys in a long, long time, but I heard one of their songs on this morning and decided to look them up and see what they’re up to.

It turns out they have broken up, reunited and broken up again. I believe they may have reunited again temporarily. I also found out that they have an official Nothingface website where they’ve been adding downloads to songs they’ve been working on over the past year. They actually release about four or five songs every month. Lots of them are demos, but still good.

If you like metal, go download some of those tracks right now and if you have any recommendations for me or want to list a few of your favorite metal bands, please do in the comments. I always love checking out new music.

The Mother of All Funk Chords

A YouTube user by the name of Kutiman has taken a whole bunch of different videos from the site and mixed them all together to make one really great funk song.

This video is just crazy and it sounds awesome. I don’t even know how many videos are mashed up here, but it sure is a lot. Check it out below.

Turn Twitter Into A Neverending Jukebox

Update: The site no longer exists :(, but check out the comments for a neat alternative!

If you’ve ever used the awesome music service of Grooveshark, it’s no doubt you love it right? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that someone has decided to mix Grooveshark with Twitter, thus creating (site no longer exists). will update with the most recent Twitter messages that make mention of music and will provide a link to the song going to Grooveshark.

Just imagine all the new and different types of music you can find with this.

Music has always been a huge part of my life and I know I’m gonna love this tool and watching what people think and say about the tunes they listen to.

DJ Your Own Music Station is a cool website that lets you create your own music station that you and your friends get to DJ all on your own.

You have complete control over what your listeners get to hear. Of course you have to consider people’s likes and dislikes on your station if you’re hoping to go pro.

For example, I listen to just about everything, but if I create a station with a mix of heavy metal music and hip-hop, I likely won’t have many return visitors.

BUT, this is yours and your friends station right, so all that really matters in the end is what all of you like. I’d be very interested in hearing what my friends like that I never really knew about.

I’m gonna try to get all my friends in on this one this weekend.

Michael Jackson and Trent Reznor Working Together? What?!

Ok, the whole MJ and NIN thing would probably never happen, but DJ Lobsterdust went as far as possible in making it sorta happen. The music he puts together is awesome and definitely matches his name; odd, random and mixed up.

He mashes songs together to create all new songs by using the beat from one song and the lyrics from others. And he does this without making it sound messy or cluttered, and they come out sounding like the songs were meant to be together.

For example, how would you like to hear a song with Stevie Wonder singing and The Killers playing instruments? Now in the real world, this will probably never happen, but how cool would it be if it did? I’d sure as hell buy tickets to that concert. Well that’s the kind of stuff that DJ Lobsterdust does, so check out a bunch of his stuff below.

If you wanna check out a whole lot more, you can visit the DJ Lobsterdust website too. He’s put up a few new ones recently. You can also check out his Myspace.

The first song here is probably my favorite. FYI, all of the mashups below were created by DJ Lobsterdust, but the videos were created by fans of his work.

The video above was created by andrea25 and the mashup features the songs:

  • Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney – “Say say say”
  • Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – “Umbrella”
  • Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake – “Give it to me”
  • Nine Inch Nails – “Survivalism”
  • Mary J. Blige – “Family Affair”
  • Diana Ross – “Upside Down”
  • Rick James – “Superfreak”
  • The Temptations – “My Girl”

The video above was created by VJ Brewskii and the mashup features the songs:

  • Pharrell and Gwen Stefani – “Can I Have It Like That”
  • Fedde Le Grand and Camille Jones – “The Creeps”

The mashup above features the songs:

  • Faith No More – “Epic”
  • Queen – “We Will Rock You”
  • AC/DC – “Back In Black”

The video above was created by Guttorm Hellevik and the mashup features the songs:

  • Unk – “Walk It Out”
  • Avril Levigne – “Girlfriend”
  • Toni Basil – “Hey Mickey”

The video above was created by FL1PB01T4M1DL35 and the mashup features the songs:

  • Stevie Wonder – “Superstitious”
  • The Killers – “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”

From Records to MP3’s

LP 2 Flash

Do you have an old collection or records just sitting in your basement gathering dust? I certainly don’t, but I know that my Mom does? I’m sorry for making that joke at your expense if you actually do though. 🙂 Anyway, the LP 2 Flash is a really great piece of equipment that can take your old vinyl frisbees and record the music straight onto a USB Thumb drive or an SD card, which can transfer straight to your computer quickly and easily.

Of course you don’t have to use it just for this purpose, since it’s actually a fully functional turntable. This way you can listen to your records the way they were “meant” to be listened to. That’s how my Mom always puts it. I’m sure many record owners would love to have this player in their home though. One thing that I thought was really cool about it, is that it’ll even separate the tracks from the record as it records onto the USB drive or SD card. It’s only available in the UK right now, but you can import it at a price of $228 US.