McCain Concession Speech and Obama Acceptance Speech

In case you missed the results last night, which I’m sure almost nobody did, Obama won. Yup! He’s our 44th president of the United States and I for one am very excited to see what he can do to help us get back on our feet. I’m also excited to see if other countries are more accepting of us and begin to see us in a new light.

So you might have stayed up late enough to find out who won, but did you stay up long enough to watch the McCain concession speech or the Obama acceptance speech? They were both great speech’s, so I wanted to post them both here on the site. Check ’em out below when you get some free time today.

President Barack Obama Acceptance Speech

John McCain Concession Speech

Election Words

No doubt about it, this election has been one of the ugliest in history. Mudslinging, twisting of words and comments, and just down right lies came from both canidates. What would all that look like- typographically?

Comically named, This. F*cking. Election. has all the mudslinging and ridiculous terms and stories used throughout this election season.

Fight Against the Smear Campaigns

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Undecided, I know you’re tired of the smear campaigns. Especially now that the elections are right around the corner. I for one, can’t wait for the elections to be over with already, because I’m plain sick of the commercials, junk mail, and random phone calls.

This is where steps in. Stop the Smears hopes to play a role in exposing the methods and goals of the people who smear Democrats, so that the people of America can make their votes based on the real issues.

Stop the Smears actually only fights back against smear campaigns against the Democrats, but I looked around for a site in similar fashion to this for the Republicans, but it only came up with John McCains site. Obviously that site can’t be trusted. One site that I do actively follow that pulls out the facts from both sides though is

I recommend visiting both of these site and study them hard before you vote. Unless of course you voted early. It’s still good to know the facts, even if you did vote though.

What does Slinky and the Polio Vaccine all have in common?

The Oral Polio Vaccine

…they’re all younger than presidential candidate, John McCain.

With such diversity running in the 2008 campaign; race, gender, and age, it was only natural to heave some fun from it. Existing since 1936, John McCain is the oldest person to ever assume the White House. Things younger than McCain is a blog listing all sorts of things that readers have found that is younger than ol’ Pops McCain. He’s big brother to the Golden Gate Bridge, McDonald’s, Bugs Bunny, and even Helvetica.