Movie Title Music Video for The New Buck 65 Song, Superstars Don’t Love

BUCK 65 “Superstars Don’t Love” from Travis Hopkins on Vimeo.

Buck 65 is one of the most entertaining underground hip-hop artists I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. His flows are poetic, similar to Sage Francis, but the style is quite different. It took me a few listens to really appreciate his music when I first purchased one of his albums a couple of years ago, but he’s definitely one of my favorite hip-hop artists now.

Check out this awesome music video made by Travis Hopkins which displays the lyrics of the song “Superstars Don’t Love” from the new album “20 Odd Years” using more than 60 fictional movie title cards.

Amazing Beatboxing Performed Live at Google

If you enjoyed the post I did a couple days ago featuring Diachi, the Japanese beatboxer, you absolutely have to check out the video below.

Watch some of the best beatboxers in the world, Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and Beardyman, perform live at the Google offices in London.

You won’t believe the skills these guys have. The very first guy kicks it off strong by dropping beats while he’s playing the flute. It’s crazy.

Those Google employees sure are lucky.

Probably the Best Beat Boxer Ever

If you were ever a fan of the Fat Boys or any of the other classic 80’s rap groups, you’ll really love this beatboxer, 17-year-old Daichi.

I would have to say that he’s much better than any of the beatboxers of the past, and the tunes are definitely more up-to-date.

He’s got some of the old-school stuff, mixed with modern sounds, some awesome scratching and even some techno stuff.

This is amazing. Watch two videos below.

Here he is on some kind of talent show.

and again!

It’s a Dance Off!

I got a couple of kickass dancing videos today. Not too long ago, my girlfriend became extremely interested in dancing, whether it be Ballroom, Interpretive or Breakdancing, ever since the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance started, so I’m sure she’ll appreciate this post. So which video do you think is best. I say #4. That one is freakin’ awesome.

An amazing group of five people popping. This was a really fun performance to watch.

This is my favorite by far. It’s a must watch and it’s pretty short so it won’t take up too much of your time.

Swedish Rapper Take-over

Adam Tensta is an awesome rapper on the rise. Currently, he is held highly on the Swedish hip-hop scene and hopefully that transfers throughout the world, because this guy is great. His rhymes have substance and meaning and he isn’t afraid to throw in social and political issues into the mix.

This is what hip-hop should be about. It should be an art form, not a place to brag about your ho’s and diamond watches. How many times have we already heard that story told? I grew up on hip-hop though, so I know that there are some great rappers still out there, it’s just nice to have another one to add to that list. Anyway, check out the great video below and then check out Adam Tensta’s Myspace page.

RJD2 “Work it Out” Video

This video is a little old by now so if you are a hip-hop fan or even just a big music fan you may have seen it. RJD2 is one of my favorite beat makers and musicians in the underground scene. The video below is for his song, Work It Out, which displays Bill Shannon traveling around the city on crutches. This isn’t actually just a hobby of his, but this is how he gets around in real life due to a degenerative hip condition. Anyway, check out this awesome music video and let me what you think about it.