The All-New Glee 8-Bit Video Game

Glee is one of the most popular shows of the year and it just jumped back into a new season yesterday with all new songs and some new cast members. How do I know this? Because I’m a fan, that’s why! I don’t particularly enjoy the show-tunes stuff, but I really like when they sing songs from bands like Aerosmith. I’m a rock guy, so I love it when they put something I would expect to hear on my favorite radio station into the show, something I’ve heard they will be doing much more of in the new season. 😀

You can obviously see that I like Glee quite a bit and it’s great because my fiance loves it too so we can enjoy it together. I can’t sing for shit, but I love music and I’m in awe when I see a talented singer doing his/her thing. I think a lot of people feel the same way as I do. Why can’t we all sing that good? How do their vocal cords work like that?!

So I’m a fanboy I guess, which is why I had to post this video of Glee as it would be played on the NES. Featuring all of your favorite cast members and staying true to the story line, “8-Bit Glee” came out awesome. I’m not sure how I feel about playing an RPG without killing a Mud Frog or something, but who knows, this could work.

Chess is a Brutal Bloody War

I used to play Chess regularly a few years ago; maybe one or two games a day. These days, I still like to play a game every so often, but I just don’t have much time for it anymore. I just might get back into the habit after the release of Ultimate Chess though because this version of Chess has an interesting twist that keeps me wanting to play more.

The game starts out normal enough. When I first started I was thinking “This sucks. Why is this called Ultimate Chess?” The character voices are kinda funny, but I continued on to see if there was anything else special about it, then all of sudden…

Bam! My pawn was brutally slaughtered!

Such is war I guess.

Each time one of your pieces are taken or you take the opponents piece, you’ll be greeted with a new and very bloody cut-scene. There are a total of 50 executions in all and you can keep track of which ones you’ve seen by viewing the “Execution” screen from the main menu.

Gotta collect them all!!!

A Very Fun Maze Game

maze screenshot

Maze is just another game on the internet, but it’s a lot of fun and is very short, so you don’t have to worry about it wasting too much of your valuable time. It can get pretty tough, but there are only 4 levels so try to stick through it.

The first two levels are as simple as can be, but wait ’til you get to the end of the third level. This is where you’ll need the sound cues they provide that will help you get through without touching those cramped walls.

Oh, you’ll have to scroll past all those sponsored results to get the maze. Sheesh!

Spot the Difference – Interactive YouTube Game

Ok, are you ready for probably one the coolest freakin’ ideas ever?

You know those games where there are two picture side by side and you have to find the differences between the photos?

Well a YouTube user by the name of copyrighthater has recreated that same game using YouTube videos.

There are 30 levels in all and you can start by watching the video below. Find the difference and you’ll be taken to the next level of the game.

Have fun!

The Quiz of Frustration

Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is as hard as it sounds, and the word impossible sounds pretty damn hard, doesn’t it? What you have to do is answer all of the questions in the quiz and you only get three wrong guesses or else you start over. What makes it even harder is that some questions are timed or contain “Bombs” and the time limits range. The instructions mention that there are even some 1 second “Bombs” included.

You’re probably gonna have to guess on most of ’em, unless of course you’re Stephen Hawking or psychic. I lost on my very first question, sadly, but hey I don’t play Polo. Get further in the game and you’ll see that you just have to make random choices and remember them when you get to that point again. This game is a true time waster, and you’ll get addicted. Happy Friday!

Ransom notes made simple

ransom note
If you ever had to put together a ransom note before, you know it’s a tedious task that you wouldn’t want to endure again. Collecting old magazines and newspapers, spending hours and hours cutting out little tiny letters and phrases- don’t let your kidnapping career run short on the hand of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ransom Note Generator takes away the hours of snipping, turning the task into a quick and easy way to get your demands out in seconds. Now, if you end up getting abducted because the perpetrator had so much extra time on his hands- don’t go blaming the messenger… Enjoy!

Now THIS is my kind of game

Font Game

Sometimes when there’s no work to be done (or if there’s tedious work that you can’t bring yourself to do), we look to games. It’s okay, you can admit it. There are many games out there to choose from; stick figure games, rag doll games, jelly guy- people- character games… So, what’s the best game suited for you?

For people who have a bit of an obsession with typography, this game will fulfill your font mania well. The Rather Difficult Font Game has about 34 fonts that you must identify by picking one of the multiple answers below. The higher the score, the more obsessed you are! Enjoy!