Those Poor Little Kitty Heads…


I just saw this video on YouTube and thought it was too cute not to post, so here it is!

I guess they created a website too, but I’m not going to link to it, because it looks like a bunch of affiliate spam and they don’t mention anything about donating to needy animals.

Enjoy the video!

Slow Motion Laughing

Have you ever laughed so hard that whatever you were drinking sprayed out of your mouth? My friends are true idiots sometimes, so I can tell you that I definitely have on various occasions.

Watch this video of people spitting their drinks out all over the place in slo-mo. Just don’t drink anything while watching this video or you’ll likely ruin your keyboard. Spoof

You’ve know those cheesy commercials? The ones where the songs try to be funny and the guy can’t even lip sync right?

Well they had a contest in which people could either cover one of the songs from the commercials or create their own and Dan Louisell decided to create his own.

One that’s actually funny.

What Dan did was instead spoof the service, talking about how made his money woes even worse.

One of my favorite quotes from the song; “I can’t afford expensive drinks so cheap ones will suffice, but now I’m all hung over after drinking Natty Ice, ” reason being, that I know how true it is…

I’m betting this song isn’t chosen as the winner, despite how much it deserves to be.