The Most Dramatic Super Mario Short Film Ever

I’ve come across another Super Mario Bros. fan made short film and as always, it’s good. This is one is really damn good. And dark. If you’ve got about 8 minutes to spare and want to watch perhaps the saddest, most dramatic Super Mario story of all time, check it out below.

Awesome Alien vs. Predator Fan Film Cost Only $500 to Make

Over the last two years, Alex Popov spent his spare time putting together an Alien vs. Predator fan film titled AVP: Redemption. The effects aren’t the greatest ever seen, but you can’t complain when Popov spent only $500 total during the duration of making the short movie. He did all of the filming, directing, Editing, VFX compositing and sound design. I really dig the camera angles too.

I think this story is much more entertaining than the previous Hollywood adaptations. If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, sit back with a snack and check this out.

AVP Redemption from Alex Popov on Vimeo.