Want to Get Into Porn? Here’s How

Getting Into Porn

Sorry guys, this one is strictly for the ladies. Monica Foster started work in the adult entertainment industry back in 2002 working as a webcam girl and exotic dancer. Way down the road in 2008, she decided to get into the porn industry and realized that there was a lot more to learn then just making funny moaning sounds and silly faces.

After learning all about the porn industry, she decided that if there are other woman who want to get into the industry, she wanted to be the one to provide the education and information that you’re going to need. That’s why she created Getting Into Porn (NSFW!).

The site offers everything from hiring an agent or deciding to be independent, health issues and STDs, managing your money, the dangers of the industry and even how to get through your very first scene.

If your current economic situation isn’t cutting it for you, there’s always porn. And If you’re a dude, you should probably look elsewhere, because you’re probably not going to get into this club.