Get Updates When Your Favorite Bands Releases New Music

Feed Revolution

Feed Revolution is a service I’ve been looking for, for a very long time.

There are lots of great music artists out there, and plenty of which I try to buy their entire collections.

For the main stream artists, it’s usually really easy to keep up with new releases because they’re plastered all over the internet and Best Buy ads.

Keeping up with lesser known artists though, is tough as hell.

That’s why I’m gonna start putting all my favorite music groups in Feed Revolution that way I’m always notified of new releases.

The only bad part of the service is that I’ll probably be spending a lot more money on CD’s than I already am.

Finding Concert Setlists

I think anyone who has ever gone to a concert has at some point searched the internet for a setlist to one of the shows they’ve attended. I know I have lots of times, usually with no success. is a free “wiki” service that lets it’s users collect and share setlists with each other in one central place.

This service is great, and I plan to update it for the next concert I go to, unless of course I get too drunk to remember anything which is highly likely 😉

And if anyone out there has the band and setlist of the Tattoo the Earth tour that took place in 2000, I’m still desperately looking for it.

Pick a band, any band

Being music lovers, we’re proud to announce that a new and upcoming, or an all-time renowned band is a local band. Yep, we’ve got the Flobots in our corner. Who do you have?

Check out 50 Bands, 50 States. Not only is there a cohesive list bands, but it features MP3 downloads, artists’ videos, and a comments feature for you to rave or rant your state’s band. Enjoy!

Expand on my musical interest.. Expand!

TuneGlue audiomap

Just about everyday, I find myself listening and researching a new band that I just heard on the radio. And with bands being born in garages or getting signed to a major label so often, it’s hard to keep up.

I love music, but I do have my favorites. I’d like to find bands that are related or resemble my preferred sound in a quick and easy matter. Simple enough, right? iTunes is a great resource to find new bands, but I need something that’s a little more direct and specific…

Ahh, TuneGlue; a resolution to my quandary. Start by typing in a musical artist and watch the audio map spawn its many legs of comparable bands. Expand and enjoy!