Lots of Art; Mainly Nerd Art

I Am Photo

Avoision is a site that has lots to offer your inner geek. I don’t know if it’s one guy running the site or a group, but there are a ton of really interesting projects that they’ve done. There are things such as Flickr-Generated poems, random text generation, and a music program that plays notes based off of the numbers in Pi. Don’t worry, this site isn’t as nerdy as it sounds, and there really is a lot of fun stuff to look at.

The art of can

Red Bull Art of Can

It’s truly amazing how everyday household items can be transformed into a remarkable piece of art; from trash to silverware to bottles and cans.

The Red Bull Art of Can is a contest open to anyone and everyone who has a passion, a flare, a love for all art and creativity. So get ready to weld, glue, tape, fold, and cut your massive collection of Red Bulls (from countless evenings of all-nighters and drink mixing) and create your piece of art to enter into the 2008 Red Bull Art of Can contest. Deadline is April 6th and the showing is July 11-28 in Texas.



In studio photography, it’s extremely easy to create your own world; from any room in your house, to your wilderness of a backyard, to a scenic foodscape, all you need is a little imagination.

Take a look here for Mr. Carl Warner’s deliciously artistic take on everyday food items turned into beautiful landscapes. Warner has made everything from scenes of the country to underwater spectacles all created from cheeses, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, strawberries, broccoli, onions, and so much more. Enjoy!