Very Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

The Smoking Effect

The only advertisements that I really see about anti-smoking anymore are adds from Truth, which are usually boring and seem to try too hard. I’m sure they do the job though.

But there are lots of ads out there that really take a creative turn. These are the ads that would stick in my mind if I saw them in a magazine.

Check out this article, Top 45 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements, and try to tell me you don’t enjoy the creativity behind each one of them.

Porn That’s Safe for Work…Maybe

Diesel is an international design company that creates a wide range of popular clothing and accessories and they’re celebrating 30 years in business. Now, this is something that I’d usually care less about, but Diesel pulled me in with a video that they had created by the folks over at Don’t be tricked by that website name. It means “safe for work” but it really isn’t. The pictures on the site don’t contain nudity, but the ads on the site do, so click at your own risk.

Anyway, Diesel repurposed the video to advertise their 30th anniversary and it’s absolutely hilarious. The video contains a variety of clips from various porno flicks, except all of the explicitness has been covered up by cartoons. It’s still obvious what’s going on though, so you’ll probably want to watch this video at home, unless you’re workplace is more laid back…like mine! Check out the video below. – Watch more free videos

A truly explosive ad

The world of advertising is becoming more and more innovative these days. It’s not just about showing a product; it’s about the creativity, cleverness, and ingenuity that goes behind it. Advertisers need to catch our attention, keep our attention, and make us remember that ad and that product- no easy job there considering our short, sometimes nonexistent, attention span… But I would say the people over at Schweppes did a pretty good job at keeping my mind entertained.

Using ultra slow mo’ technology, Schweppes makes a montage commercial of individuals interacting differently with water balloons. (Fun!) Mixing the technology and the water balloons (and the soundtrack in the background) make for a very beautiful and memorable commercial. Enjoy!

Ads Out of the Norm

Ads out of the norm

Whether we’re in the advertising field or not, I think we all enjoy critiquing the good, the bad and the ugly side of commercials we see on TV.

Dominos; gracing many countries with its presence, this Netherlands based commercial says it all; “Man hungry. Ding-dong. Pizza!”

The Dominos’ ad portrays a man- a hungry man, uhh, regurgitates the pizza delivery guy; bicycle helmet and all. Apparently this man was indeed hungry while the pizza boy was perceptibly angered and confused. Wouldn’t you be?

Check out the ad below:

Advertising, to me, isn’t exactly an art form. Yes, it does take some creative thinking to get an impressive ad, but I mean art form as in painting, sketching, sculpting, etcetera. But, perhaps this ad is an art form.

Littered with abstract sounds and shapes, blots of yellows peppered throughout the ad- the commercial takes you through a journey.

So what can this type of ad possibly advertise to us?

With everything going green nowadays, there’s been ample of ads (some notable, some not so notable) telling us how and why we should be going green.

I believe this ad is one of the more notable ads.

Billboards aren’t my favorite kind of advertising; they’re big, tacky, and cause wrecks; because people are distracted by the big tacky billboards. But this particular billboard is not tacky, though still big, and may still cause wrecks, but only because of its novel way of sending a green message.

See for yourself, below.

Electricity Billboard

If at first you don’t succeed… lower your standards, right? Apparently this is a motto that we, Americans, follow with quite conviction with us lowering the standards of who can join the military and all. I bet this country feels great that they needn’t lower any principals at all.

Set at a breakfast/dinner table (I’m guessing breakfast because of the banana, but I’m not exactly sure…) with ma, pop, sis and bro; the brother then decides to go into Grand Theft Auto mode, paying particular attention to the mother.

The moral of this thirty second story; that if you’re a crazed trigger-happy violent nut, there’s no place for you in the resilient yet peaceful Dutch army.

Okay. So we’ve all seen the Dove Campaigns for Real Beauty ads either with concurrence or aversion. Personally, I do agree with their message, however, I don’t think the media will change anytime soon. The desire for woman wanting to be thin, blemish free, photogenic, and modelesque will always be there; with the media on your shoulder cunningly whispering it in your ear or not. But, it is, indeed, a great message to send to our children.

Beginning with a big doe eyed little girl starring at you for what it feels like, a couple of lingering minutes, (a little uncomfortable for my sake) it cuts to various rapid-shooting ads relaying the messages of sexy, slender, soft, plastic surgery, tight, firm, tall… world of advertising.

While researching some of these ads, I found that Dove and Axe are owned by the same company, Unilever. Compare Dove ads to Axe ads. Hmmm…

I give my compliments to the world of advertising. I’m not in anyway a thinker like most advertisers are; clever, witty, inventive, a writer (a leisurely writer yes, but a superior writer, no.)

I look forward to the ads that may present during the Super Bowl; I’ll be sure to rant on those, so check back then.