What Can You Really Do on a Wii?

It turns out there a quite a few things you can do with a Wii, other than play Super Mario Galaxy. You might remember a while back, people were using their Wii-motes on their PC’s for DJing, or WiiJing, but there are much more advanced and nerdy things you can too. Check out the video below of Kermit the Frog (what’s up with the voice?), ok…I’m sorry, Johnny Chung Lee, explaining one of the really cool things that’s possible. Then visit his site to see some more crazy stuff like tracking your fingers with the Wii-mote, sort of like what they were capable of doing in “Minority Report”.

Pornographic Miis

Wii Porn

If you happen to have a lot of time on your hands, you may have tried your designing skills on creating Mii’s on your Nintendo Wii. Well a guy who goes by the name of “Jesus Of Razareth” has really gone “above and beyond” what you or I might have done and has created a bunch of pornographic Mii’s. This all takes place on their faces and it’s really quite funny. They all have their very own clever names too. Check out NSFWii. As the name of the website implies, this probably wouldn’t be a good site to look at, at school or work though.

What were you doing at age 10?

Evans Book Site

Being 10 years old is an exciting age; you’ve just hit the double digits, recess is still as great as ever and you rule at tether-ball. It’s a carefree, exploratory, and absorbing age.

What were you doing at 10? I’m sure I was running wild in the streets playing tag and riding bikes while carefully evading my parents’ call to bring in me for homework. I certainly didn’t want to sit down and practice my spelling list or solve fraction problems…

I’m not sure how little Evan does on his math tests, but his writing sure deserves an A. Linked from his dad’s site, Evan’s Book Site is his own blog about books he has read and enjoyed.

I think this is a great site. It shows that, contrary to many beliefs, the younger generation isn’t entirely dense and hopeless. It’s a great site for both children and parents so that they may share knowledge in what book they want to read next.

Well done, Evan.

The Party of the Interwebs

Internet Party

Have you ever wondered what might happen if Google’s parents went out of town for the weekend. There would be a wild party of course! Check out this video featuring the likes of Facebook, Digg, Cracked.com, and many others all hanging out at Google house. This video is truly hilarious.

Looking for New Music? Try thesixtyone.

Concert Crowd

thesixtyone is a great site to check out if you are tired of listening to the same old stuff on your local radio station or if you are a musician and need to get your stuff out there. The purpose of this site is for musicians to upload their music / and or music videos to the site for everyone to listen to. The more the people vote for it, the more likely the song will hit the home page. Now that’s a great way to get noticed.

Sites For Teens


Do I have any younger visitors on this site? I have no idea, but if so, this post is for you. Or maybe not, because if you are a teenager you might already know about the sites I’m about to mention. Anyway, from a post on trendcentral they mention that the Nielsen ratings show that these sites are among the most popular among teens. Here they are in order of popularity.

  • PLyrics.com is a collection of punk music lyrics in all forms and subgenres. I didn’t know teens were that much into punk music. I guess it is a rebellious type of music, maybe that’s why.
  • Snapvine is a service that allows you to place a Voice Player on your social networking pages that will let you communicate between your friends, using your mobile phone. You can leave voice comments for your friends so that they can see and here you. Sounds fun!
  • Whateverlife.com, which by the way has an extremely ugly entrance page, is a place where you can find pre-made Myspace layouts, a layout creator, images that you can use, tutorials, and more social network profile creating tools.

These sites may be targeted towards teens, but I definitely think that many people out there would love to check ’em out. I think they all sound fun. I’m too lazy to change my Myspace page anymore though.

10 Telephone Tricks

Big Phone

I bet you didn’t think there were many things you could do with your telephone. Ok, actually with all of the technology built into cell phones, there’s actually a whole lot of things you can do these days. How about if you forget your wallet. Well you can make a quick call and get some cash with PayPal. Anyway, check out Lifehacker for all these tricks you can do even if your phone doesn’t have a bunch of built in stuff.

12 Nerdy Cakes

Nerd Cakes
If you are a geek, or you know one, you should get that person a specially made nerdy cake for their birthday. Maybe a cake with Mario on it or how about a Mac-Mini cake? I searched the internet for some of the best cakes I’ve seen on the internet in the past year and I’m posting them here for you now. Check ’em out.

Computer Board Cake

Here is a cake designed as the insides of a computer

Dalek Cake

The Daleks were a mutant race whose main goal was world domination. Are you old enough to remember Dr. Who? I am…barely.

Futurama Cake

I love Futurama. I still watch the repeats as often as possible.

Game Consoles

Would you like a cake made of video game consoles for your wedding? If you can’t tell what they are, it is a Game Cube on top of an Xbox on top of a Playstation 2 on top of an Xbox 360. Thats a whole lot of “on top of’s”.

iPhone Cake

I can’t afford an iPhone, but this cake might be in my budget…might.

Laser Cut Cake

From what I understand, this cake was cut with a laser. This is the Engadget logo, a very nerdy blog, that I admit to reading.

Mac Mini Cake

I like the Mac Mini’s, but I really want a Mac G5 Tower.

Rebo Cake

You’ve gotta know this one. This is a cake of Max Rebo of the Max Rebo Band in Star Wars.

Rubiks Cube

I’ve still never managed to complete a Rubiks cube, but eating one is a whole ‘nother story. I’d destroy that delicious looking cake.

Volcano Cake

This volcano cake reminded me of when I created a volcano for the science fair in 5th grade. My volcano didn’t taste good though…or work for that matter. At least I got a blue participation ribbon. 🙁

Xbox 360 Cake

I know this isn’t the greatest looking cake, but it shows just how much people really love their games. The controllers don’t look too bad though, do they?

Mario Cake

Everyone loves Mario, and this cake is just awesome.

I hope you enjoyed these cakes and now I hope I get a nerdy cake for my birthday…hint, hint.

The Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard speaks about the government, big corporations, natural resources, product distribution, planned and perceived obsolescence, and how we can help fix our world. Don’t worry, this isn’t as boring as you think. It’s really very interesting. The Story of Stuff video is about 20 minutes long but will keep you interested. If you don’t have 20 minutes, read below for the general idea.

Some of the things that she speaks about really make you wonder what our (the U.S.) society is thinking. We are really destroying our Earth. One of the facts that really caught my attention was that the U.S. consists of only about 1 percent of the World but we are using about 30 percent of the worlds resources and that if the whole world used resources the way we do, we would need 3 to 5 more planets. That’s really disgusting.

Here are some more facts that are interesting:

  • There are 4 billion lbs. of pollution a year
  • 99% of the stuff we produce becomes trash within 6 months
  • We shop an average of 3 to 4 times more than other countries
  • We use 4.5 lbs. of trash per day per person

She also talks about other things that big companies and corporations do, such as planned obsolescence, (the plan of making things obsolete) so that we have to keep buying new stuff. This would consist of products such as cameras, cds, and computers. It is made to become obsolete, then thrown away and a replacement model is created to take its place. This also ties in to perceived obsolescence which is the idea of making you feel like your stuff is outdated, often brought on by commercials. Some examples would be phones, computer monitors, and fashion. The new model of phone or computer monitor model makes yours look bulky and dated, then you feel embarrassed and compelled to buy the newest stuff.

All in all, this is about changing the system, not just recycling. Local living economies and renewable energy are a couple of examples. Read 10 Little and Big Things You Can Do if you want to learn how you can help.

Cat Soup

This video is about two guys who are pretty damn weird. One is sick from muddy donuts, the other fights a cat. Just watch the video, it’ll make more sense.