An Artists New Years Resolution To Paint a Picture Every Day is Complete

A local Denver, CO artist, Adam Greenberg made his 2010 New Years resolution to paint a watercolor picture every day of the year, which started when he painted a picture for his girlfriend on January 1st. He also created a Facebook page called Tonight’s Watercolor where he posts each painting, and now has more than 700 followers.

Adam eventually saw how popular his paintings were becoming and when people asked if they could have them, he came up with the great idea to give them away for free, in exchange for donating to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. He only has today and tomorrow left to complete his resolution and has mentioned that he already has an idea of what he wants to paint on the last day of the year, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to check his Facebook page tomorrow.

Adam has decide to take a little break in 2011, saying “I probably won’t paint everyday this next year. I think my new year’s resolution for 2011 will be to take my vitamins everyday.”

Nick Bertke Remixes Movies Into Beautiful Music

I’m a big fan of Mike Relm, the king of creating amazing video song remixes from popular movies. I didn’t think he had any competition in what he does because he’s so good at it, but Nick Bertke, also known as Pogo has dethroned Relm, at least in my little world of favorite VJ’s. 😀

The remix below takes vocals, sound effects and chords from the 1995 movie, A Little Princess and does it in such a fluid way, I’m absolutely amazed. Not only does the sound sound great, but the video editing is so good I can’t stop watching it.

Check out “Whisperlude” below and then watch “Wishery,” another great remix from Disney’s Snow White. There are more remixes at Pogo’s YouTube channel if you want to see more.

Fast Train, Fast Camera

This is video taken from a moving high-speed train using a really fast camera (Casio Exilim fh20) to capture an amazing view of the outside. At first it looks like nothing is really happening, but watch closely and you’ll see slow movement from various people. The flickering light in the store clued me in to the movement.

There is a lot more info behind this video, so if you want to learn about how it went viral, the method and technology used, the actions, legalities and future iterations, check out the creators post at “Pointless, action-free and totally mesmerising

Museums Are Funner On the Internet

Are you too busy to take time out of your day to visit your local museum? Maybe you’re afraid of people. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to get up and get out. Whatever the reason might be, there’s a great resource online where you can view art and history without every leaving the comfort of your bedroom – The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM).

MoOM is basically a curated collection of all types of museums you can visit online. You can learn all about the Mets or visit the National Postal Museum. You can even visit The Smithsonian if you want. There’s lots to learn, and this is a fun place to start.

The Etiquette You Know Will Get You Slapped in Other Countries

The etiquette and manners you’ve been raised to follow as you grew up make your parents proud, but if you visit another country, say for example China or Austria, you better read up on their customs before you get your ass kicked. Did you know that it’s rude to finish your meal in China? Yup.

I’ve spoiled the first question on the quiz, but take the Don’t Gross Out the World quiz to get a quick lesson in worldwide etiquette.