The All-New Glee 8-Bit Video Game

Glee is one of the most popular shows of the year and it just jumped back into a new season yesterday with all new songs and some new cast members. How do I know this? Because I’m a fan, that’s why! I don’t particularly enjoy the show-tunes stuff, but I really like when they sing songs from bands like Aerosmith. I’m a rock guy, so I love it when they put something I would expect to hear on my favorite radio station into the show, something I’ve heard they will be doing much more of in the new season. 😀

You can obviously see that I like Glee quite a bit and it’s great because my fiance loves it too so we can enjoy it together. I can’t sing for shit, but I love music and I’m in awe when I see a talented singer doing his/her thing. I think a lot of people feel the same way as I do. Why can’t we all sing that good? How do their vocal cords work like that?!

So I’m a fanboy I guess, which is why I had to post this video of Glee as it would be played on the NES. Featuring all of your favorite cast members and staying true to the story line, “8-Bit Glee” came out awesome. I’m not sure how I feel about playing an RPG without killing a Mud Frog or something, but who knows, this could work.

You’ve Seen Google Instant But What About YouTube Instant?

Have you seen the new Google Instant yet? I’ve seen it on coworkers computers, but two days after its release and I still don’t have it. That sucks huh?

I guess for now I’ll have to stick with YouTube Instant. This isn’t actually an official Google product, as you can see by the URL, but a fun service created by Feross Aboukhadijeh of Stanford University.

I did my first search by typing in dancing. A couple videos began to show up before I got to the full word, but I kept typing. I’m glad I did too, because I got to watch a great video I haven’t seen in a long time and completely forgot about. Type in Dancing if you want to see what it was.

Colorado’s Obsession With Beer

I grew up in Colorado and once I hit the wonderful age of 21, I was able to enjoy the great beer produced in the some best breweries in the country. Colorado is known for it’s many breweries and Denver is host to the biggest beer related festival in the world, The Great American Beer Festival (GABF). I’m actually going to the GABF, for the fourth year in a row, in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.

And if you didn’t get tickets to the GABF (it’s sold out now) the Denver Beer Fest starts in only 8 days and goes on from September 10th to the 19th. It’s a 10 day celebration of all things beer which includes lots of events, such as the Oktoberfest and many bars and pubs all around downtown Denver offer discounts and beer tours. This is one of the funnest times of the year here in LODO.

A fellow internet marketer I know actually came up with a great infographic with some cool facts about beer and Colorado. Click the infographic for a larger image.

Denver Colorado Beer Facts

The Ultimate Classic Video Game Spoof Video

I grew up on 8-Bit Nintendo games. I was completely obsessed with video games as a child. I remember how much I used to love getting sick so that I could stay home an play games all day. I was sweaty, throwing up and coughing and I would still be happy with my Nintendo. Isn’t that sad?

The video below mashes up all my favorite memories into one very weird video. I’m not sure who created it, but I have a feeling whoever did could’ve been a bigger video game addict than I was. What as the guy from Kung Fu fights to save Sylvia by defeating everything from Mario’s Princess to characters from Street Fighter. I believe I even saw Dig Dug in there.

And when it’s all over, there’s a special section dedicated to Mega Man getting pwned all over the place. You have to wait for Sylvia to walk through the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Scene for a while first, but there are some funny cameos from PacMan and Frieza of DragonBall Z for some reason.