A Completely New Twist To a Playable Super Mario Bros. Remix

This is the coolest Super Mario remake I’ve ever seen. You can play the first Super Mario Bros. with the original Mario, Link from Zelda, Simon from Castlevania, Samus from Metroid, Mega Man or Bill Rizer from Contra. What’s makes this super-freakin-cool though is that each character plays just like they do in their own games. You can now kill Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants with some of the most awesome classic video game characters ever. Check out Super Mario Crossover at the link. Check out a video I took of myself playing the game below.

51 Simple Earth Day Tips, Ideas, Projects and Games You Can Practice Year-Round

Today is Earth Day!

And there are lots of simple things you can do to save our planet. Check out the list below and see if there are any you can do today. If there are any you can’t get to, do them throughout the rest of the year. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to be “Green!”

Quick Simple Things You Can Do Today

  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists
  • Unsubscribe from your newspaper and read it online
  • Switch to paperless billing and pay bills online
  • Cut back on driving
  • Fill your car tires with air
  • Carry around a towel with you and avoid paper towels

Things Around the House

  • Fix a leaking faucet
  • Lower your thermostat
  • Install low-flow faucets, showerhead and toilets
  • Install compact flourescent light bulbs
  • Turn off lights and unplug anything you aren’t using
  • Wash full loads of laundry in cold water
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the shower while lathering and shampooing
  • Recycle old electronics around the house
  • Buy non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaners
  • Turn off the lights for dinner and use candles
  • Set up rainwater collection barrels to water your yard and plants
  • Plant a tree

For Your Pets

  • Use biodegradable bags to clean up the poop
  • Buy natural or organic pet food
  • Measure the appropriate amounts of food to feed all pets (fish, dogs, cats, etc.)
  • Purchase recycled toys and bedding
  • Turn off the faucet while giving your pets a bath
  • Buy a doggie sweater and keep the thermostat down

To Do at Work

  • Set up a recycling bin at work (get one for $5 at Home Depot)
  • Go paperless. Don’t print emails
  • Use old paper for taking notes
  • Car pool or take the bus
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Walk or jog to your lunch break destination

For Kids

  • Play some Earth Day games
  • Check out books from the library instead of buying new ones
  • Walk or ride your bike to school
  • Learn how to set up a worm composting bin (fun project!)
  • Send a Tree-free eCard to friends to raise awareness about environmental issues

Actions to Consider in the Future

  • Buy an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle
  • Set up solar panels for energy
  • Xeriscape your yard
  • Join local “Green” groups in your community
  • Volunteer to clean up your local rivers and roads
  • Grow your own garden
  • Purchase energy-efficient appliances
  • Start a composting bin

At the Store

  • Make sure anything you buy is recyclable
  • Bring your own paper or cloth bags to the grocery store
  • Buy local foods. Find local markets near you
  • Buy a recylable water you can reuse daily
  • Purchase a Brita water filter instead of bottled water
  • If you buy plastic bottles, reuse them at least once
  • Purchase eco-friendly cosmetics
Image courtesy of alexindigo / CC BY 2.0

The Dumb Questions of Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great place to go if you don’t know the answer to something. You can submit a question and you’ll get answers from lot’s of different people. You can also answer questions if you’d like too.

And often, you’ll see some of the most ridiculous questions and answers ever. This usually occurs when a young kid is posting, but it’s still quite funny when you come across one of these golden nuggets.

If you want to read nothing but these “golden nuggets,” check out Yahoo Answer Fail. All laughs! Well, mostly laughs.

Boners In Public are Awkward

Any guy in this world with a functioning penis knows how troublesome a boner can be. It can be embarrassing if it sprouts up in public. It can cause major teasing in junior high after the pretty girl in your class brushes up against you. And worst of all, it makes it hard to pee in the morning.

Ask any of the guys over at AwkwardBoners.com (note: probably not safe for work) and they’ll tell you how embarrassing a random boner in public can be. Don’t worry there isn’t any nudity, at least not from the few pages I saw but it’s pretty damn funny.