The Human Flag – This Guy is Strong

I’ve seen some fit people do some amazing things, but what this guy does absolutely blows my mind. Watch him do push ups in the air on parallel bars and hang from a tree sideways like a flag. His strength is ridiculous. Check out some of the crazy moves he does in the video below.

An Online Copywriting Tool for Lazy Improv Groups

The Improv Show Description Generator is great for those of you working in the improv industry, and I actually know someone who is so I’ll have to pass this one along.

If your improv group doesn’t have time to write something up for your upcoming show tonight, you need this service. Type in your group’s name, select the type of show you’re doing and hit the button. You can then plaster this all over the place; flyers, Facebook, Myspace, emails, whatever…

Here’s an example of what it came up with for me.

Furious and campy, Aimless Direction is an unrelenting rocket blast of in-your-face improvisational comedy. Unafraid to sequester , Aimless Direction goes where other shows don’t even dare, exploring topics from the brat pack to D-Day, but still all the while developing engaging, grounded scenework. By the end of their two-act missive, you’ll be talking about it for days. Watch out, because it’s gonna get all-in! Mondays at 11:35pm at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Mmmm, I love Buffalo Wild Wings.

Rube Goldberg Machine Using Gmod

Rube Goldberg machines get their name from a famous American cartoonist of the same name who became famous by creating popular cartoons which depicted elaborate devices that would perform simple tasks.

If you’ve every watched cartoons such as Betty Boop or if you’ve played the game Mousetrap, you’ll know what a Rube Goldberg machine is. Now that you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is, watch this awesome video of one in action built using Garry’s Mod for Half Life 2.

Daft Punk vs. The Charleston

What happens when you take an oldschool video of people dancing the Charleston and dub Daft Punk’s “Around the World” on top of it? Pure awesomeness, that’s what.

How to Report the News Better than Fox

If you hope to be a newscaster when you grow up, you NEED to watch this video of Charlie Brooker showing exactly how to report the news.

Learn how to walk up to the camera and pause, show video of overweight people and how to keep the audience awake with line graphs and “average-family” statistics.

This video is funny because if you weren’t paying attention to it, you’d think it was an actual report….AND it’s still better than FOX news 😉

Bringing the World Together With Music

Playing for Change is the brainchild of Mark Johnson who had the idea of bringing people together as a human race using music as the connection. He traveled the world getting musicians who have never met and never will meet, of all cultures and lifestyles to perform together. He visited places such as the local streets of Santa Monica, african villages, native american reservations and even the Himalayas.

Music has always been a passion of mine and I love what this project stands for. There’s no better way to connect all of us then by pushing aside beliefs and cultural backgrounds and turning up the volume on the speakers.

If you want to see Playing for Change in action check out this video featuring artists from around the world singing “War, No More Trouble” originally performed by Bob Marley.

Help them out and spread the word!

Cleaning Your Dirty Balls Is Easy

This is a helpful one if you’re having trouble keeping your balls clean, and these days who doesn’t? From small balls to old balls and ballsacks, Axe can freshen them up like new making them enjoyable to play with again.

Distribute Your Content on the AOL Network

AOL has just created a new service called seed that allows you to distribute content you create throughout their network. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or a filmmaker there’s a place for your creations.

AOL might not be a Google or Bing, but it’s still a very large network, so this could be a big deal. They own sites such as Moviefone, and many more, so you can bet that your stuff will find an audience and will be seen.

Not only does AOL seed allow you to get your content out in front of an audience they also pay you for your work. Seed will post assignments out to the community with a price that varies based on assignment and if you think you can fulfill that need, they will find a place for it.

They’ll pay you for this, but with one caveat; they wil acquire a license to your work. They will either obtain an “exclusive license” which will pay you the amount originally listed on the assignment or a “limited exclusive license” which will pay you a share of calculated earnings based on the profit it generates.

Either way, it sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve already signed up and I have experience in all three fields. I’m not a professional in any of them, but I can’t wait to start creating some fun new stuff in all of them.