The Sixty One Is a Music Site You Need to Check Out

There are plenty of music sites out there and a lot of them are great, but The Sixty One has taken it to a new level. What’s interesting about it is that the whole experience is very visual and interactive making it much more entertaining than most other music-based websites. I actually wrote about The Sixty One back in 2008, but I really didn’t do it justice. The site was great even two years ago but it’s changed quite a bit since then.

One of the first things tried out was the “Moods” option. This is a great way to find the perfect theme of music to fit the way you’re feeling. I was listening to music all night and I’d have to say that my favorite moods are Trippy and Crazy.

Another cool function of the site are the “Quests.” For example one quest requires that you listen to songs from four different moods for at least five minutes on each mood. Or you can take on the quest of listening to your favorite song three or more times in a row. Anyone who owns an Xbox Live can tell you how addicting it is to complete achievements such as this. 🙂

There are a lot of cool things about The Sixty One and of the coolest is that this is a place for new artists to come and share their music and directly sell songs and merchandise to fans, without the aid of a greedy record label. Each artist will make at least $7 per album and are paid every 30 days. Did you know a lot of record labels only pay their artists only $1-2 per album?

The listeners of the site get to decide what’s good here and if you stick around long enough you’ll see that the community is a great group of people. No trolls yet, as far as I’ve found anyway.

And if you’re an artist, upload your music and get paid!

Check out some of favorites so far:

19H11 by Danger
Okiirobo Navigation System by Henry Homesweet
Starlighter (Culture Prophet remix) by Jupiter
Whoa (ULTRNX remix) by GRUM
Electro411 by Shinichi Osawa

Save Time With 5 Second Films

If you love short films, but you just don’t have enough time in the day to watch films that are 5,400 seconds long, check out 5 Second Films. Every weekday, they post a new short film on the homepage of the site which you can give a thumbs up or thumbs down and discuss with others.

5-Second Films was created by Brian Firenzi in 2005 with the rules of 2 second titles, 5 seconds of film and 1 second ending title. These videos are hilarious because of how short they are and how little sense some of them make. These short films are so weird. Take a look at “Mr. Shirts” to see what I mean.

Home Movie Reconstructions From Elliot Malkin

Elliot Malkin has created a short film he has titled “Family Movie” in which he takes all original super8 footage recorded 30 years from his childhood and recreates it with todays technology. All of the original footage was shot by his parents Leonard and Roberta Malkin at their home in Lincolnwood, Illinois and what used to be the Marco Polo Hotel in Miami Beach.

He’s taken the original video and recreated it with his parents help, which he them combined and placed side-by-side for comparison. These reconstructions are great to watch. The silence almost makes it feel like some sort of horror movie clip or a sad story on 20/20.

How to Find Awesome New Beers

Are you a beer drinker? I am.

I was gonna post only that, but I couldn’t help but divulge in my latest discovery, Beer Voice, a place to share and keep track of the beer I drink. For beer drinkers around the world, this website is awesome.

The home page looks like it’s aggregating posts from Twitter or something, but it’s not. This is just the design of the site, which I didn’t really like at all. I almost instantly closed my browser after seeing it because I thought it was just another Twitter search scraper.

At the top of the home page you can search for any beer that comes to mind. Their system will find whatever you’re looking for and provide you with details such as ABV %, beer type, brewery and reviews, if there are any. If there aren’t any reviews yet, you’re free to post your own.

If you’re just looking to try something new, check out all of the latest reviews on the home page. Find a good one and hit your nearest liquor warehouse. I have a friend (with the same blog theme as I do, oddly enough) who does beer reviews all the time that should become a member here and school some peeps.

Everything Changes – Before and After Photos

I just found a new site this morning,, where the whole idea is about before and after photos. The before and after photos can be about about anything really. For example, on the home page right now there are before and after photos of one of the users as a kid and later as an adult, Barbie young and old, and Serj Tankian of System of a Down with long hair and messy clothes and then clean cut and suave.

There are lots of before and after photos on here of celebrities, especially of the members of Tokio Hotel for some reason, but plenty of users are submitting their own too. You can go to the site and “like” any of the photos you enjoy the most and leave comments if you want to. There aren’t many comments yet, so I’m guessing the site is fairly new.

Anyway, I don’t know who Rebeca Gusmão is, but from looking at Befter I now know that in 2003 she had a banging body and today, not so much.

Left 4 Dead NES Remake Available for Free

There have been lots of newer games recreated into 8-bit format over the years, but Left 4 Dead is absolutely one of the coolest. Left 4 Dead is such an awesome game, it makes complete sense that a die-hard gamer would want to transform into an 8-bit masterpiece.

The creators name is Eric Ruth and this “de-make” is his flagship title for his upcoming Pixel Force series from Eric Ruth Games. You can play with all 4 survivors, in 2 difficulties and even 2-player co-op in all 4 campaigns from the original game.

Check out some actual gameplay for the game below or download Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead for free on your PC.

Kurt Cobain Sings Poker Face

Will Courtney Love to come out of her dungeon and sue, or will she consider this mashup from DJ Lobsterdust amazing like I do?

DJ Lobsterdust is one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever heard who can mix two very different songs together and make them sound fresh and awesome. I’ve posted some mashups from him before at the link above if you want to hear some more of his work.

Check out Nirvana vs. Lady Gaga, otherwise known as Nirgaga, in a mix of the Poker Face tune and the Teen Spirit lyrics.