The Bad Gifts of Christmas

I’m sure at least a few of you received a present this Christmas that you would consider a “bad gift.” No matter how much I deny it, I probably gave out one of those bad presents to someone in my family. I try to give good gifts, but I just don’t think I’m great at picking things out and what I consider fun is probably junk to everyone else.

If you want to see what other bad gifts people got for Christmas, check out the Bad Gift Emporium. You’ll find all kinds of funny stuff and if you see something so bad that you want it, some of them are up for sale by their owners. If you got something bad, you can upload it to the site and sell it too.

I think funny, cheesy stuff would be great to get for Christmas, even if I never plan on using it, but it would really suck to get something decorative for your home if it’s tacky. Would you be forced to keeping it and putting it up whenever the person who gave it to you stops by? I’m a jerk, so I’d just stick it in a box in the basement.

Bad Santas

With Christmas a few days past now, I’m sure many of you have downloaded all the holiday photos. Within the stack of pictures of family members stuffing themselves silly and of the overly-decorated Christmas tree, are a few photos of the kids on Santa’s lap, right? It should even bring back memories of when you once sat on Santa’s lap. Was it a scary moment? A happy one?

Sketchy Santas is a website dedicated to mostly questionable and terrifying moments children had once experienced by sitting on the lap of Mr. Clause. There are some pretty funny memories captured. Some Santas I’m sure have also appeared on America’s Most Wanted… Hopefully the kids escaped with little or no traumatic scarring to later deal with in numerous sessions of therapy. Anywoo, take a look of the many pictures from the past and present and perhaps even add yours to the stack of sketchy Santas…

What I Got For Christmas 2009

I had a really good Christmas this year. First, I got a ton of goodies from my aunt and uncle in Seattle. They sent me all kinds of things. As you can see, they think I’m an alcoholic, because they sent me a ton of alcohol.

I got a bottle of Spire Mountain Draft Cider, a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and some shooters of Finlandia, Goldschlager, and Courvoisier cognac.

They also sent us some chocolates and other candies, some Seattle candy bars, a star-shaped candle, a box of smoked salmon (I hate fish, but I’ll try it anyway), vodka chocolates, and a bunch of little cookies. I had to put all the cookies in zip-lock bags because I accidentally ripped the original bags all apart trying to get the cookies out.

From my brother I got the first season of Dragonball, which is anime if you’ve never heard of it. We actually used to watch Dragon Ball Z about 10 years ago when we were young. A couple months ago I decided to start collecting the nine seasons of Dragon Ball Z and he thought I’d like to watch the first version of the show called Dragonball (minus the “Z”). I can’t wait to watch it!

My Grandparents, my Mom and Stepdad all gave us money, so that should help us out a lot with things around the house. My Aunt and Uncle gave us a gift card to Lowe’s hardware store so now we can finally get that faucet we’ve been wanting to put in the kitchen.

And the grand finale of gifts that I got this year is the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine I got from Michelle.

I actually have a George Foreman grill that I bought about six or seven years ago that I love, but it’s a really tiny one as you can see from these pictures.

My old George Foreman grill is one of my favorite appliances in the kitchen. I love that I can quickly grill up a hamburger, steak, hotdog or bratwurst in my kitchen without having to go outside and fire up the grill. Especially since I don’t even have a grill yet.

The best part about this new George Foreman grill is that I can actually cook a full meal on it at one time, unlike the old one where I had to cut my hamburger in half just to fit it on there. And with this one, the grill plates come off so I can wash them easily in the sink or just stick them in the dishwasher.

Oh and at the end of the night, Michelle came back from her parents house with some Snuggies 🙂 These have to be the most popular presents this year.

I hope you had a great Christmas like I did this year. Happy holidays!

Chasing Max With the Vacuum

Merry Christmas Eve!!

This was recorded almost a year ago on Dec. 30, 2008, but I never saved it to my computer. I was pulling out the camera last night to take over to my Grandparent’s house for Christmas this year and found this video of my dog Max being teased by Michelle with the vacuum and I thought I’d share it. Enjoy!

New Wine Tasting Packs with TinyBottles

Brixr Wine Tasting Pack
Lots of people really like wine- for example, my girlfriend. She loves to try all different kinds of wines from all different countries. One of the worst things about it though, is that wine is so damn expensive. I don’t want to pay $30 for a bottle of wine that turns out to be crap. Honestly, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur myself and prefer a nice cold beer or a vodka-tonic, so if I’m buying wine, I really want to get something I think tastes good.

Brixr has created the perfect business for people like me. They have come up with what they call TinyBottles, which are basically small vials filled with various types of wines for tasting purposes. This is an awesome idea.

The service is in beta but you can purchase two different tasting packs from them right now. To be honest, I still think these tasting packs are too expensive. The cheapest on the site is $19 and you only get four small vials. I guess they’re probably high quality wines, but hopefully as the service becomes more popular the prices will drop. For $19 I can buy a 12 pack and a bottle of Skyy.

As for now, I’ll stick with my local Total Beverage store since they do free wine tastings twice a week.

Mac Easter Egg: Hidden Games on Mac

Did you know there are hidden games on the Mac? There are quite a few actually, sitting there on your hard drive just waiting for you to find. None of these games are anything spectacular, most kinda suck, but a few can still provide a little excitement on a boring day.

opening terminal in spotlight

The first thing you want to do is open Terminal. You should be able to go right to your Spotlight in the top right corner of your monitor, but if you want to take the long way do this:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Open Applications
  3. Open Utilities
  4. Open Terminal

opening emacs in terminal

Now that you have Terminal open, type “emacs” Give it a couple of seconds to load up and eventually you’ll see this screen:

emacs home screen

From here press ESC + X at the same time. This will take you to the screen below where you can enter the name of whichever game you want to play. I’ve read that you can also type Option + X if that doesn’t work for you, but it worked for me. You can tell it has worked by looking at the bottom of the window; it should say “M-x” which is where you can type the name of the game you want to play.

emacs game screen

If you want to see the complete list of games available open up a new Terminal window and type:

ls /usr/share/emacs/22.1/lisp/play/

I’m using version 22.1 of emacs, so that number may change depending on which version your Mac has. Just go to emacs in Terminal to find out which version you’re on. Or if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, here’s the full list of games.

  • 5×5
  • animate
  • blackbox
  • bruce
  • cookie1
  • decipher
  • dissociate
  • doctor
  • dunnet
  • fortune
  • gamegrid
  • gametree
  • gomoku
  • handwrite
  • hanoi
  • landmark
  • life
  • meese
  • morse
  • mpuz
  • pong
  • snake
  • solitaire
  • spook
  • studly
  • tetris
  • yow
  • zone

The most familiar game you’ll find in the list is Tetris, but one of my favorites is Dunnet, which is a text-based adventure game. Doctor is kinda funny too if you need a psychotherapist to talk to.

If you don’t know where to start with Dunnet, take a look at my screenshot below. If you’ve never played a text-based adventure game, know that you might have to type lots of different things before the game understands what to do. For example, “pick up shovel” doesn’t work. Have fun!

Dunnet in emacs

Slipknot’s New Video “Snuff” is Powerful

Slipknot just released a new music video yesterday from their upcoming album. The song is great, not to mention the awesome storyline displayed in the video. Slipknot is known as a horror-core metal band, but don’t worry, this song isn’t heavy at all. These are the kinds of songs Slipknot has made that become hit singles because they display Corey Taylor’s singing voice and not just the screaming he’s also very good at.

Check out the video. It’s actually a short film co-directed by M. Shawn Crahan of Slipknot and widely known photographer, P.R. Brown. Corey Taylor is the guy the in video too in case you were wondering. Great video with a deep meaning.

Aardvark Question and Answer Website

Aardvark Q & A

Aardvark is one of the coolest new services on the internet. I’ve been using it for a few months now and love it.

If you’ve ever used Yahoo Answers or any other sort of Q & A service, you’ll understand Aardvark. What makes Aardvark unique though is that asking and answering questions is almost instantaneous. You can send a question through their network, either directly through their site or you can use instant messenger, which is the method I prefer since I’m online all day.

If you have a question, any type of question, from Celebrity gossip to programming, just post it in and they’ll go through their network of users to find people who have mentioned in their profiles that they have some knowledge of the topic. Those people will see your question and if they know how to answer, they can reply back to Aardvark and the system will forward you their response.

This works both ways, so you’ll see questions coming through to you too, but if you don’t know how to answer you can just type “Pass” and that’s it. If you’re busy, you can also type “Busy” and the system will leave you alone. Every question I’ve asked so far has been great, so I definitely recommend signing up.

The Ugliest Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Indian Tattoo

I’ve seen quite a few ugly tattoos on people online, people I’ve met and even some of my own friends. Go to a rock concert and you’ll see a whole slew of them. To be completely honest I’ve even got an awful tattoo of my own. I bought a tattoo machine many years ago and tested it out on my calf, the result being a splotch that everybody always asks me about.

Scalp Tattoo

Anyway, the whole reason this post started is because I came across The Gallery of Regrets. Some of the tats on the site are just plain awful, most likely done at home like my tat was and some look like they were done by amateur artists. A lot of the tattoos are actually really good, but they’re definitely tacky and regrettable.

Ugly Tattoo Portrait

The site is updated regularly, even several posts each day so there’s lot’s of pictures on the site to keep you laughing.

I was actually contemplating posting a picture of my own tattoo, but I’m too lazy to go upstairs to grab my camera so you’ll just have to meet me in person I guess. Maybe I’ll update this post sometime in the future…

This Team America Meets Avatar Mashup Is Awesome

Have you seen the new Avatar and Team America mash up video? This is hilarious. An extremely talented video mash-up guy by the name of Matt Shapiro took the audio from the extended trailer of Avatar and placed the track over clips from the film team America: World Police. It really came out amazing. I’m sure matching the voices up to puppets makes the whole process easier since they don’t actually move their lips, but I bet this still took a whole lot of time to put together.

This video is already spreading across the web so if you haven’t already seen it, catch it here. Look for the part where Matt Damon makes an appearance. Check out Team Avatar: Pandora Police!