Beer Run by Todd Snider

I originally heard this song on the Jam Band station my boss always listens to at work and I just really liked the sound of it.

I’m not much of a fan of jam band stuff, but this song was funny and the I thought the hook of the song was really clever.

I guess a YouTube user by the name of lazyboy0172 created the animation of the music video. I chose this one out of the many other live concert videos on YouTube because it helps to follow along with the song really easily.

Get Updates When Your Favorite Bands Releases New Music

Feed Revolution

Feed Revolution is a service I’ve been looking for, for a very long time.

There are lots of great music artists out there, and plenty of which I try to buy their entire collections.

For the main stream artists, it’s usually really easy to keep up with new releases because they’re plastered all over the internet and Best Buy ads.

Keeping up with lesser known artists though, is tough as hell.

That’s why I’m gonna start putting all my favorite music groups in Feed Revolution that way I’m always notified of new releases.

The only bad part of the service is that I’ll probably be spending a lot more money on CD’s than I already am.

The Mother of All Funk Chords

A YouTube user by the name of Kutiman has taken a whole bunch of different videos from the site and mixed them all together to make one really great funk song.

This video is just crazy and it sounds awesome. I don’t even know how many videos are mashed up here, but it sure is a lot. Check it out below.

Weigh Yourself at the Bus Stop

Bench Bus Stop Scale

Fitness First in Rotterdam in The Netherlands has taken advertising to a whole new level.

If you sit down on the bus stop bench, the advertisement attached to the bus shelter will display your weight for all to see.

I’m sure this would be really embarrassing if someone sat down and didn’t notice what was going on, but you have to hand it to the gym for creativity.

10 Accidental Inventions

dirty hands dipping corndogs

What happens if you don’t wash your hands and then you eat dinner? You discover that your food actually tastes better, that’s what. That’s how Constantin Fahlberg discovered the sweetener Saccharin.

Or how about the invention of the pacemaker? Wilson Greatbatch, an American Engineer, was trying to create a circuit that could record fast heart sounds.

But instead of grabbing a 10,000-ohm resistor, he accidentally picked up a 1-megaohm one, which pulsed for 1.8 milliseconds and stopped for one second; just like a normal heartbeat.

Check out this great article over at listing the Top 10 Accidental Inventions for more.

Graffiti You Don’t Want Covered Up

Thomas The Tank Grafitti

I think I posted an article about Banksy a while back, but I came across it again and was just amazed at the graffiti featured on the site.

There’s tons of really artistic graffiti here; stuff that actually has meaning both outdoors and indoors. It’s great scrolling through the pictures on the site and thinking about what the artist’s intention was behind the piece.

Update (2/26/15):

I was recently contacted by Nicholas from who let me know about a great resource page that Artsy has put together all about Banksy, which features Banksy’s bio, 70+ of his works, up-to-date exhibitions, current shows, in-depth articles, and related artists. Awesome!

Design Your Own Hoodie

hoodie remix

Champion has thought up a really fun way to get people to buy more hoodies, as if you needed another reason since hoodies are so awesome already, by thinking up Hoodie Remix.

You can design your very own hoodie, complete with crazy designs on every panel of the sweater and have the chance to have your design chosen by Champion to be produced and a $500 prize.

You have until March 31st to submit your design, but if you’re too late, you can still check out all the great designs that other people have created.

On April 23, 2009 twelve quarterfinalists will be chosen, which will then be posted in a gallery for voting until May 6th where six will be chosen as finalists and will be voted on again, where one lucky person will win.

Everyday, you learn something new…


After reading an essay assigned for my English assignment, I came across a name, Jules Feiffer. And thanks to good ol’ Google I learned a little something. Apparently, he is most known for his illustrative work featured in comic strips and children books, but even had his work appear in some Playboy issues. Not only is he a talented artist, but he’s written screenplays and short stories. He started his education at the Art Students League in New York and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. See, you learn something new everyday.

Wrong by Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is back and their newest music video is as weird as ever. You absolutely have to watch this. The song is really good too, in my opinion.

Watch the video, it’ll freak you out.

Sell Storage Space In Your Own Home


Renting rooms in your house is nothing new, but renting out a room for storage is a different idea. Homstie has created a marketplace that lets you sell empty space in your home for other people to use as storage space.

If you’ve ever used a professional storage space, you know how stupidly expensive it can be, so this is a really great option to save some cash.

There aren’t a whole lot of open spaces listed yet, since the site is so new, but I’m sure it’ll pick up after a while. Who knows, set up a listing and see if anyone contacts you.

Trust is the first issue that came to my mind when I saw the site. I wouldn’t want anything expensive of mine sitting in someone else’s house. What if they were robbed or if they moved away with my stuff?

Still a really cool idea, that just needs a little tweaking… and an insurance policy.