Cheating On Your Spouse Is Easy

With the internet, cheating on your loved one (more like roommate, if your cheating) is as simple as a few clicks. You hear all the time about people visiting sites like Myspace and Facebook. I’ve even seen quite a few episodes of Divorce Court mentioning Myspace as the reason the couple is considering divorce at all.

The Ashley Madison Agency is taking this to a whole new level. This is a website designed for the sole purpose of cheating. Their motto is “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” Wow, now this site is unbelievable. They call themselves the world’s premier discreet dating service and when I took a look at the home page, there were a total of 12,396 members online and 3,075,000 registered members. Thats a whole lot of cheating. Oh, I and I heard they have an ad spot airing during the Super Bowl. I’m interested in watching the registered users numbers rise.

I guess if you’re looking for a little “side action”, you can find a like minded person who’s looking for the same thing, but I think you should probably just get a divorce.

Mustaches of Historical Importance

Yosemite Sam

If you know anyone with a mustache or have one yourself, you know just how important they are to that person. What does your friend look like when they shave it off? Freakin’ weird huh? My girlfriend won’t let me shave mine off, but I don’t ever really want to anyway, because I wanna feel important just like all the guys listed in this Spike article, History’s 10 Most Important Mustaches.

Maybe my mustache will make me famous one day, who knows. So if you’re looking for a mustache to model your own after, check out the article. I definitely recommend Rollie Fingers if you’re in for the long haul, or Zorro’s if you’re looking for some quick reactions.

Fun winter crafts

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the winter fun has to be over too…

To keep the cozy holiday season up until the very melt of the snow, here are a few projects that you can do as family. The snowglobes are my favorite- I have a bunch of handmade globes I made in my elementary school days. Good times. Good times.

“Hello- Santa?”

Remember all the hoopla surrounding Santa Clause when you were just wee high? All the excitement knowing that Santa was coming down your chimney to place your favorite, most asked for gift under the tree… Ahh, those were the good times, huh?

Thanks to the Tel Santa Service, your child can experience that on a whole new level. Your little one can call Santa and leave a message on his voicemail telling him exactly what they want. Then the service will email you (the parent) with the recording of their message so you know exactly what to get them for Christmas.

Brighten any child’s day…

Happy holidays!

And here you can find not one, not two, but three messages left from Alex’s little sister to Santa…

Laura asks Santa1

Laura asks Santa2

Laura asks Santa3

You’re More Artsier Than Me

I just came across this really cool artistic blog called WordTwo and had to share it. The site is in another language, but you can still check it out and understand it. Everything I’ve seen on the site is videos pulled from Vimeo, but it’s some really fun stuff to watch. Here’s an example of the type of videos you can expect to find there.

The Garden from Peter Bunzl on Vimeo.

Holiday medical myths BUSTED

The most heat escapes from your head… The holiday season has the most suicides… Poinsettias are toxic… Too much sugar makes the kids go crazy… Eating before you go to bed will make you fat… You can cure a hangover with ____…

These are all statements we’ve heard now and again as the holiday season approaches. But do they hold any truths?

Kids, no matter what your mom and dad tell you, sugar does not make you hyper. Drink as much coke, eat as much candy, and inhale as much Kool-Aid as you want- sugar does not make you hyperactive.

In 12 double-blinded controlled trials, scientists examined how the behavior of children may differ on sugar-filled diets and sugarless diets. They concluded that there were no differences. What’s even more amazing is that when the parents rated their children’s behavior, even when there was no sugar consumed,  the parents thought their kids were reacting to sugar, where in reality, they were behaving normally. It’s all in the parents’ mind that sugar makes their kids overly active.

With the stresses of family get-togethers, cold and dark winter days, loneliness, it’s no wonder why it was thought that the suicide rate is significantly higher around the Yule times. Though again, this holds no truth.

Studies done around the world show that there is no scientific evidence that there is a higher rate in suicide come the holiday season. More interestingly, suicide is actually more common during the warmer months- Go figure.

Are the common holiday bouquets, poinsettias toxic? There are 22,793 cases of poinsettia poisoning to date- not one revealed significant poisoning. No one died, no one was hospitalized… A study looking at poinsettia ingestion by rats also concluded that even in large amounts, equivalent to eating 500-600 of the flower’s leaves or 1.5 pounds of its sap, the flower has no toxicity.

Mother was semi-correct when she told you that you lose most of your body heat through your head. You do lose heat through your head, however you lose heat anywhere on your body that isn’t covered. So this one kind of justifies your mom dressing you in that bright, vomit colored, fruffy hat she knitted just for you. Aaawww…

At first glance, it seems to make sense that if you eat before bedtime, you’re more likely to store those calories through the night. But it just isn’t true.

It all comes down to one thing; if you eat more calories than you burn off, then yes, you will gain weight. However, eating proportionate meals throughout the day, even right before bed time, if it doesn’t exceed the calories burned, you have nothing to worry about. Save a midnight snack for me!

Ahh, the age old question- how to cure a hangover? Sorry to disappointment, but there’s no magical remedy that will take the edge off the morning after having too much fun. A hangover is caused by drinking too much- too much alcohol consumption. So if you don’t want to get a hangover, don’t drink so much. Simple as that.

Hilarious Arby’s Commercial

Have you seen this commercial yet? I’ve seen it a few times and I laugh every time. I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t been deemed controversial yet, considering the amount of crybabies who seem to be on a mission looking for this kind of stuff. It’s just so damn funny when the Arby’s logo pops up above his head and makes a “boing” sound. Check out the commercial below.

Propaganda Video From 1933 – Inflation

So how did the the 1930’s explain inflation? With propaganda of course. Check out this great vintage Keynesian (click the link to find out what Keynesian means) propaganda video explaining why inflation is such a good thing. This video is actually really interesting.

Of course in most cases, inflation is never a good thing, since there are so many other factors involved such as nobody spending money due to uncertainty in the economy, products and service prices rising and wages not accompanying and domestic products becoming less competitive, but hey, that’s what propaganda is for right?

Have Your Packages Wrapped Unprofessionally Professionally

CrapWrap Wrapping Service

Does that headline make any sense? Anyway, has come up with a weird idea that actually seems to be taking off. If you order a gift from their website, you have the choice to order their new CrapWrap service, which makes your package appear as if it were wrapped by a 6 year old.

They basically wrap it up poorly, folded in all different directions and taped up with brown packaging tape. You can get this for 3.95 EUR or about 5.50 USD or you can order it and wrap it like crap all by yourself.

I Went Indoor Skydiving Last Week!

The company I work for, seOverflow, is an awesome internet marketing company in Denver, and I really do mean that. How many other companies out there will take their team out for indoor skydiving and rock rappelling for a team building day? I actually still need to put the video up from the rock rappelling trip.

Anyway, we all went to SkyVenture in Lone Tree, Colorado last week and went through a quick indoor skydiving class and then hit the skydiving room. Floating around in 160mph winds is a ton of fun and I had a great time. It was over too quickly though (we went in for 1 minute each time), but I think I’ll go again on my own time soon.

Check out the video below. There are 6 people in our group and I’m the 5th person to go in the video. After the 6th person goes, we start the rotation over again.

In order of appearance: Reid Fenlaw, Terri Starck, Mike Belasco, Lloyd Faulk, Alex Juel (me!), and Chris Hickey.

Indoor Sky Diving: seOverflow Q4 Adventure Day on Vimeo.