China’s Stolen Children

It’s easy to be wrapped up in your own life. In your own life, you are responsible for only yourself, your problems belong to you, and for the most part, you know what’s going on. It isn’t necessarily a selfish way to live; it’s the safer, less overwhelming way to live. Nevertheless, I think it’s very important to know what’s going on not just in your neighborhood, but across the country and across the world.

Until I saw this documentary, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in China. I hadn’t seen any news reports or stumbled upon any articles while online. Of course China is extremely secretive on anything pertaining to its people or government, however, some news do generate over the airwaves reaching us in America, but I guess this topic just didn’t reach us.

There is dire and cryptogenic world that China is shamefully trying to hide, involving it’s own children. We all know at least a little something about the harsh reality of China’s one-child law. We can imagine the impact that has on families pregnant with a second child or a first born female child. But digging a little deeper, we discover something that we couldn’t even fathom.

HBO did a very informing and chilling documentary on China’s Stolen Children. Posing as tourists with cameras, the film crew secretly followed the lives of a couple who’s son was kidnapped at age 5, a detective that dedicated his career to recovering the stolen children, couples bargaining for a deal of buying children, a couple asking for their first born daughter to be sold, and even an agent, whose livelihood is selling children, who also sold his own- for money to care for him and his first born. This film takes you face to face to the crisis that’s sucking the lives out of China’s poorest people.

More Photo, Less News

The Big Picture

I don’t remember if I’ve posted this before, but I ran across it again and thought that I really should let everyone else in on it. The Big Picture is a news section on that has one news article per day and an enormous beautiful picture that accompanies it. It’s really awesome to see such great big photos on a news site. All news should just be photos from now on, I think.

Recipe: Western Spaghetti

If you’re not familiar with PES’s work- it’s a series of stop-motion animation ranging from naughty naughty chairs on the roof top to all time favorite arcade games.

All it takes is a rubic’s cube, die, and home-grown money spice to make some tasty pick-up stix meal fit for two. For a full recipe, take a look at the video. Bon Appetite!

Boobies Can Help This Little Girl Walk Again

Nicole Cahill had a stroke and went into a coma when she was only 6 years old, which caused a swelling in her brain. She has been confined to a wheelchair ever since then, but there’s finally some good news for this poor little girl. Surgeons in New York think that that a ground-breaking surgery might get little Nicole out of her wheelchair and walking again, and two guys, Master Massey & Shyhhy Welly, have added some humor to fundraising for Nicole’s operation.

Massey and Welley have a new single titled “Boobies” which will be released on August 1st and all proceeds will go to the Nicole Cahill fund. The song really has nothing to do with Nicole’s condition obviously, but these two guys just wanted to help and any way they can help is much appreciated, I’m sure. Check out the video for the song below.

Save Millions By Going To Your Favorite Restaurant

Tap Project

Everyday we drink water without even thinking about it. It’s there, we have it, it’s good. But what about all those people around the world who don’t have access to safe water? According to UNICEF, there are almost 1 billion of those people. That’s a pretty big number, and water is really important if you expect to survive, don’t you think?. Of those 1 billion people, a child dies every 15 seconds due to a water-related disease, because the only water they have is so unsafe and polluted.

Hearing these numbers is heartbreaking, but there’s actually something you can do. We’re a little bit late on this one for this year, but this program will take place again next year. The Tap Project had gotten more than 2,350 restaurants to participate in their program and each of these restaurants accepted a minimum of a $1 donation for the tap water their customers drank, which is normally free. This one dollar is enough to provide a child with 40 days of clean drinking water. People didn’t even have to do anything out of their normal schedule, Just go to a restaurant as usual, as long as it’s a participating Tap Project one and that’s it.

As I mentioned earlier, this year’s project is already over but it will begin again in March of next year, so you should keep an eye out for it. If you wanna help now though, you can still head on over the to the Tap Project website and donate. If you are a restaurant owner, or know someone who is, you can also sign up to be included next year. And if you want to take it even a step further, become a volunteer and help to recruit restaurants and promote the Tap Project in your neighborhood.

Rumble in the Playpen


If a swarm of five year olds came after you, do you think you could kick some ass and fight your way to freedom? Maybe, but what if you were trapped in an enclosed area about the size of a basketball court? I guess it really just depends on how many five year olds there are. You might have to gouge some eyes, bite, or even throw some dirt. Well, as you can see from the picture above, I can take 21 five year olds in a fight and nothing more. Take the survey at and see if you’re tougher than I am. Shouldn’t be hard to beat really…


Parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings- you know best; the praise a child looks for when they show you their precious art in finger paints and crayon. “Ohhhhh, how beautiful!” you’ll say with the biggest smile on your face and the biggest look of confusion trying to decipher the green water, purple clouds, and flowers towering over your two story home. It’s all in a day’s work, right moms and dads?

Well, the furthest you may go to displaying your child’s work is hanging it up on the fridge. Yeondoo Jung has gone much further than that…

Imagine a world through your child’s art. That’s just what Mr. Jung has done. Completed with 10 foot flowers, orange polka dot dresses, sparkles and magic, Jung as photographed his favorite collected drawings from kids between the ages of 5 and 7 making a sort of Wonderland for us all. I don’t know about you, but that makes for a pretty scary place… enjoy!

The face behind the sultry sexy voice

When all you have to go by is a voice; deep, rough, soft, sexy- your imagination can run wild putting a face on the sounds on the other end of the phone. When you hear a sexy and lurid voice speaking the words only your fantasy lover would say, you picture perfection; tall, exotic, legs run a mile long/tall, dark and handsome (whatever floats your boat). That’s why this photo essay is so interesting.

The face behind that 1-900, $5 a minute phone call is nothing you would expect or imagine. The Phone Sex gallery shows the face behind the mystery voice and that undisclosed occupation. If you find the gallery interesting, be sure to check out the book in Fall.

Manbabies Are Freaky!


ManBabies is an awesome site that I just can’t get enough of. As you can see from the picture above, the results of these pictures are hilarious. If there was a baby in my family, I’d create one of these and send it in. I actually think I might go through some old family pics and see if I can find a good one. Anyway, check out the site and get ready to laugh your ass off.

Got Any Bread?


I just saw this joke over on Plurk earlier today and thought I should post it since it was pretty funny. It made me laugh anyway. 🙂

A duck walks into a pub and says to the barman: “Got any bread?” Barman says: “No.”

Duck says: “Got any bread?” Barman says: “No.”

Duck says: “Got any bread?” Barman says: “No, we haven’t got any f**king bread.”

Duck says: “Got any bread?” Barman says: “No, are you deaf, we haven’t got any f**king bread, ask me again
and I’ll nail your f**king beak to the bar you irritating bast**d bird!”


Duck says: “Got any nails?” Barman says: “No.”

Duck says: “Got any bread?