New twist on recycling


If you’re looking to get rid of some regretful buys of CDs, video games, books or DVDs, then Swap Tree is the place for you and others alike.

Started in 2004 by Greg Boesel and Mark Hexamer, Swaptree is a virtual ground for bartering. Simply enough, just sign up- in as little as 8 seconds!, start the rummaging process of your boxed and forgotten items, then upload the UPC or ISBN number and see what you can get in return. All you pay is shipping. Swaptree shows you instantly what you can get for your items. Pretty simple, eh? Enjoy!

Get Your Sing on In Myspace

Myspace Karaoke

If you like to go to bars and sing you ass off in front of a bunch of people, good for you. If you’re one of those people who are too shy or embarassed (me) to do something like that, check out Myspace. Myspace Karaoke just launched today, after two years of rebranding the service from kSolo. I guess Myspace is pretty busy if it took them that long to get it together, but either way, it’s here now. So now you can karaoke in front of your computer. You don’t have to sing in front of anyone, but millions of people will hear you now. I still don’t want to do it, but I like to watch or listen to other people doing it.

The playground of your nightmares… muahahaha

Creepy Sculpture

When you think back to your childhood playing on teetering seesaws and the expeditious merry-go-rounds, is it a dark and gloomy place? Well, if you grew up in Russia, China, or certain European countries, playgrounds did mean a night of terrors- for both kids and parents.

We’ve all questioned the safety of today’s playgrounds; the witch’s hair, jungle gyms, and who thought it would be a good idea to have a bunch of kids play on an object that can be pushed to top speeds without any safety restraints? These contraptions, all though fun for the simple minded, can be a nightmare amongst mothers. But these are the least of your worries.

Horrendous sculptures and accident prone play things are scattered in foreign countries as well as here in the US of A. If you thought the spring riders were a little freaky, take a look at these.

Lose Something in the Trash? Disney Will Help

Wedding Ring

A couple, Paul and Karen, were vacationing at Walt Disney World and somehow, Paul accidentally threw out their engagement, wedding, and five-year anniversary rings. Geez! Anyway, they asked the staff if it was possible at all to find them, and the answer they recieved was not a good one.

But! Once the couple left, the staff had realized that the trash hadn’t been compacted yet, so Drew Weaver of the Wilderness Lodge resort and seven other volunteers dug through many, many bags of trash until they found the rings. Wow! That’s what I call service. I bet Paul and and Karen are hugely grateful.

Forget the Show Cheaters. There’s an Easier Way

If you suspect that your wife or girlfriend may be cheating on you, it’s actually pretty easy to catch them. You don’t have to hire a detective or anything. All you need is a semen detection kit. All you do is put a few drops of the secret formula #1 on her panties, blot the area with a little pad thingy, and put secret formula #2 on the pad. If it turns purple… Congratulations! It’s time to start dating again.

Psycho Redraws an Entire Yearbook

Excelsior 1968 Set

This is cool and weird at the same time. John Martz redrew the entire student body from his mothers 1968 high school yearbook as cartoons, which contains more than 1,000 heads. He debuted the book, titled Excelsior 1968 at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last year. The book is now published and can be purchased on his site. This is such a creative idea. He must have had a hell of a lot of time on his hands, I guess. He’s also mentioned that if he ever did it again, he’d like to use an 80’s yearbook, to capture the great clothes and haircuts. I hope he does. By the way, clicking the photo above goes to his Flickr set.

If you liked this, there’s also a similar project from John Ralston titled “The Liner” which has less cartoony drawings from a yearbook. These ones were all done in pen and ink and watercolor, or colored pencil and watercolor. Why does everyone have so much creativity, and I have so little? Oh well. I’ll just keep writing about it.

Get the New Gnarls Barkley Album For Free!!!

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple

Do you want the new Gnarls Barkley album, The Odd Couple, completely free? Well, it’s all yours if you go here to download it. There’s only one catch…the entire album is backwards. Oh, and it’s just one long MP3. So if you have some kind of audio editing program, you can re-reverse it and break up the tracks, but I think it would just be better to purchase the album. Anyway, if you’re into weird music, not that Gnarls Barkley isn’t already weird enough, download Elpuoc Ddo Eht right now.

Tools of your trade

HIV+ camera

For most professions, tools are just an aid for your job. But in art, your tool can do more than aid, it can become a piece of art in and of itself.

Wayne Belger, a fine art photographer, uses his own pinhole camera that he has made to photograph his subjects. He explains, “The same air that touches my subject can pass through the pinhole and touch the photo emulsion on the film.” So what does Wayne make his pinholes out of?

Depending on the subject, the camera varies in material from wood, aluminum, brass, acrylic, to needles, human infant hearts, and blood. However morbid that may sound, after reading the artist’s statements and seeing his work, it’s all in the name of art, beauty, and awareness.

Ransom notes made simple

ransom note
If you ever had to put together a ransom note before, you know it’s a tedious task that you wouldn’t want to endure again. Collecting old magazines and newspapers, spending hours and hours cutting out little tiny letters and phrases- don’t let your kidnapping career run short on the hand of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ransom Note Generator takes away the hours of snipping, turning the task into a quick and easy way to get your demands out in seconds. Now, if you end up getting abducted because the perpetrator had so much extra time on his hands- don’t go blaming the messenger… Enjoy!

Now THIS is my kind of game

Font Game

Sometimes when there’s no work to be done (or if there’s tedious work that you can’t bring yourself to do), we look to games. It’s okay, you can admit it. There are many games out there to choose from; stick figure games, rag doll games, jelly guy- people- character games… So, what’s the best game suited for you?

For people who have a bit of an obsession with typography, this game will fulfill your font mania well. The Rather Difficult Font Game has about 34 fonts that you must identify by picking one of the multiple answers below. The higher the score, the more obsessed you are! Enjoy!